Ganesh Chaturthi: Different Types of Ganpati Idols And Their Significance

Lord Ganesha sculptures or pictures are frequently kept in homes or workplaces for wealth and good luck, as well as to protect people from evil spirits. Lord Ganesha is worshipped at the commencement of every puja in the Hindu faith. However, buying a Ganesha idol and keeping it in the right direction according to Vastu Shastra might be even more useful.

According to Hindu mythology, there are various forms of Lord Ganesha that represent different meanings, such as Bal Ganesha, Tarua Ganapati, Bhakti Ganesha, Veera Ganapati, Shakti Ganapati, Dvija Ganapati, Ganpati who is born twice, and many more.

As the Ganesh Chaturthi approaches, people can find various Ganesha idols and pictures in marketplaces. Ganesha Chaturthi will be observed this year on Tuesday, September 19, 2023. The north, northeast, and west are the finest directions to keep Lord Ganesha statues or pictures at home or at work, according to Vastu Shastra. 

The north is the best of the three directions since Lord Shiva, Ganesha’s father, lives in this direction. As a result, Ganesha statues and pictures should face north. It is not considered correct to place the Ganesha statue in the south direction. The north, not the south, is considered the location of God in Hinduism.

Types Of Ganesha Idols Is Good For Home

Ganesha Idol Material For HomeImpact
Silver GaneshaFame
Brass GaneshaProsperity And Joy
Wood GaneshaGood Health And Long Life
Crystal GaneshaRemoves Vastu Dosha
Turmeric GaneshaGood Luck And Is Auspicious
Copper GaneshaBrings Luck For Couples Planning To Start Families
Ganesha Idol Made Of Mango, Peepal, And NeemEnergy And Good Luck
Cow Dung GaneshaAttracts Good Fortune And Good Vibes And Eradicates Sorrow

Forms of Ganesha

Forms of GaneshaMeaning
Bal GaneshaChild-Like Form
Taruṇa GanapatiYouthful Form
Bhakti GaneshaDevotee Form
Veera GanapatiValiant Ganpati
Shakti GanapatiThe Powerful Form
Dvija GanapatiGanpati Who Is Born Twice
Siddhi GaṇapatiThe Accomplished Form Of Ganesha
Ucchhishṭa GaṇapatiLord Of Blessed Offerings
Vighna GaṇapatiLord Of Obstacles
Kshipra GanapatiGanesha Who Is Easy To Appease
Heramba GaṇapatiMother’s Beloved Son
Lakshmi GaṇapatiThe Fortunate One, Similar To Goddess Lakshmi
Maha GaṇapatiThe Great Ganapati
Vijaya GaṇapatiThe Victorious One
Nṛitya GaṇapatiThe Dancer Form
Urdhva GaṇapatiThe Elevated Form Of Ganapati
Ekakshara GaṇapatiThe Single Syllable Form
Vara/ Varada GaṇapatiThe Boon Giver
Tryakshara GaṇapatiThe Three Letters Form
Kshipra Prasada GaṇapatiThe One Who Gives Quick Reward
Haridra GaṇapatiThe Kumkuma Coloured Ganapati
Ekadanta GaṇapatiThe Single Tusked Form Of Ganapati
Srishṭi GaṇapatiThe Creator Form
Uddaṇḍa GaṇapatiThe Enforcer Of Dharma/ Justice
Riṇamochana GaṇapatiThe Liberator From Debts
Ḍhuṇḍhi GaṇapatiThe Sought After One
Dvimukha GaṇapatiA Form With Two Heads
Trimukha GaṇapatiThree-Faced Form Of Ganpati
Siṇha GaṇapatiThe Fearless Lion Form
Yoga GaṇapatiThe Ascetic Form/ One In A Yogic Posture
Durga GaṇapatiThe Invincible One, Similar To Goddess Durga
Saṇkaṭahara GaṇapatiThe Dispeller Of Troubles

Ganesha, the Hindu deity of auspicious beginnings, is worshipped in 32 various incarnations, as previously described. Ganpati murtis are represented in several of these forms in India. According to Hindu religious scriptures, Lord Ganesha took these different shapes to save his worshippers from various life troubles.

The most popular Ganpati image or idol depicts the deity seated or standing. Ganpati representations in different forms, such as the dancing form, are typically put for decorative purposes. Furthermore, certain Ganapathi idols are hard to come across, such as those in which the deity’s trunk is straight or up in the air. Images of Lord Ganesh holding a modak are quite popular. 

In south India, the god is also known as Pillayar or Vinayagar. During Ganesh Chaturthi, several states in southern India worship Vinayagar statues and idols. The event is observed for 10 days in Maharashtra. People decorate Ganpati Bappa pictures and carry a Ganesh idol or statue home to worship. The ceremonies finish with the idol being immersed in seawater.

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