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Garlic Helps Lower Cholesterol, Study Says

Garlic adds that extra zing to any dish, doesn’t it?

Which is why, you will find it in all Indian kitchens, adding magic to boring and flavorless dishes. But its not just due to the succulent taste, garlic is used for its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Garlic lowers cholesterol

garlic helps lower cholestrol

This amazing ingredient has a tendency to lower blood-clotting properties, thereby lowering cholesterol. In a study, it was found that consuming garlic extracts can lower down the cholesterol level by almost 7 percent.

The study involved the participation of people suffering from hypercholesterolemia. They consumed garlic extract on a daily basis for a period of six weeks. Results showed that the LDL cholesterol was lowered by 10 percent.

Going in further, they conducted another study where subjects were asked to consume two garlic extract tablets. After the duration of six weeks, they noted a drop in cholesterol by a whopping 12 percent and LDL levels by 17 percent.

Garlic can also bring down the triglyceride levels by 6 percent, as per the study.

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Garlic for HDL cholesterol

garlic helps lower cholesterol

If you don’t know about cholesterol, let me tell you that all cholesterols aren’t bad. Some of them are good for human body and HDL is one of them. The study also found that if you consume garlic extract there can be a significant rise in the HDL levels which will help you improve the blood lipid profile of your body.

But it all depends on how faithful you are in following a strict routine because garlic can only help if consumed on a regular basis. It means you can’t skip it for a day and expect the same results in the longer run. So, if you pick up this habit, stick to it.

You might have some issues in the start

garlic helps lower cholesterol

Ok, so everyone knows how pungent raw garlic taste. So, if you are trying to be daredevil and eat raw garlic every morning, there might be cases of heartburn, bad breath. But if you stick to eating two cloves of garlic with water every morning, it shouldn’t be an issue.

But be careful before you pick up this habit, as garlic lowers down the clotting capability of your blood. So, before taking any garlic extract pill with your existing medication, consult your doctor.

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Because if you take excessive medication, a normal wound or cut can bleed excessively.

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In conclusion:

Garlic can assist you to get a good lipid profile, but it is not as effective as medication. So, if you are already taking some medication, don’t replace it with garlic.

You can try adding it to your medication after consulting with your doctor. Make sure that you have a healthy diet!

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