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This Viral Video Show The Cool Garlic Peeling Hack That You Should Learn

People love the taste of garlic in most of their cooking. Whether it is spicy salsa sauce or your favourite Matar Panner, garlic is the must. No matter how much you love adding garlic to cooking, you know peeling garlic is just a nightmare.

Luckily there is a video going viral on the internet, teaching the garlic peeling hack that you should have already know. Not like other hacks available on the internet this one actually works.

Check the video

You can see the hidden art of peeling garlic in this video. Puncturing each clove with the help of a small knife and effortlessly scooping each one out of the bulb seems satisfying.

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After watching this video, it is needless to say that the hack went viral on social media immediately. Leaving thousands of social media users stunned with this garlic peeling hack.

You’ll be surprised to know the it is not just the internet who is left stunned with this cool garlic peeling hack. But the American model turned chef Chrissy Teigen also left all blown after watching the video.

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT,” is what he tweeted alongside the video.

Everyone is stunned to see how easy it is to peel garlic. All they need a little knife and this video to learn the ultimate art of peeling. People shared their reaction in the comment of the videos.

But not all of them are happy ones, some of them are disappointed. As not all of them were able to get the hack and ended up breaking the clove. They might have used strength more than needed.

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In conclusion:

It will be a bliss to many if they are able to learn this cool hack. It would be the end of breaking nails while peeling garlic. But don’t worry if you are having a hard time learning this trick because of internet come-up with a new trick almost every day.


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