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Gaurav Tiwari: The Indian Paranormal Investigator Whose Death Still Remains A Mystery

The relation of ghosts, spirits, and demons go hand in hand when it comes to Hindu mythology.

Since ancient times, some people have accepted the presence of supernatural and mystical powers that just cannot be explained. And thousands of people have ended up dedicating their lives to try and solve the mysteries which are just beyond our understanding.

One such paranormal investigator from India was Gaurav Tiwari.

gaurav tiwari paranormal researcher

What’s his story?

Born in India, Gaurav never thought, that one day, he would quit his acting and commercial piloting career, to move into the realm of paranormal research. The supernatural sightings began when he was in his early stages of aviation studies, in Florida. During those days, Gaurav was a kind of non-believer, when it came to paranormal things and ghosts.

What changed his belief?

When he was training to become a commercial pilot, an experience changed his entire perspective about the paranormal world. It was the year of 2007, he was living with four other people, in a shared flat in Florida. Mysterious things began to happen after a few weeks. During wee hours of the night, he started feeling the presence of a poltergeist (a ghost which is responsible for physical disturbances).

female ghost apparition

Soon, the feeling changed into disembodied “whispers” that sent chills down his spine. One of his roommates even swore that he saw the apparition of a young girl in the apartment. That was it. Even though he came from a family of skeptics, Gaurav now started feeling that something paranormal was definitely going on.

What did he do next?

He tried to find any logical explanations behind these sightings he got every night but it didn’t help. He even installed cameras and investigated the matter further. In the end, he came to the conclusion that it might be possible that he is staying in a haunted apartment.

gaurav tiwari paranormal researcher

From here on, there was no looking back.

Gaurav gave up his piloting career and turned into a paranormal believer. He endeavored on a journey to know the truth of humanity and afterlife. Soon he got himself certified as a Lead Anomalous Investigator by Paranexus Association of USA. Later he perused Doctoral studies in Metaphysical Humanistic Science.

The formation of Indian Paranormal Society

In 2009, Gaurav came back to India and formed the Indian Paranormal Society. It was crafted to help people who faced issues with the paranormal. Not just that, he visited over 6000 haunted sights and yeah, he did experience many supernatural things.

indian paranormal society

But one thing remained constant throughout.

He worked hard and always used science to explain any strange phenomenon he witnessed. Some of the most terrifying experiences he ever had, were at the Aradale Lunatic Asylum in Australia, where he witnessed full body apparitions. Basically, he did a lot to free India from the clutches of tantrics and other cons who claimed to control the supernatural.

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gaurav tiwari paranormal researcher

He even debunked myths related to several haunted places in India. But as they say, supernatural things are mysterious and if you try and get too close to it, you will face consequences. Unfortunately, the same happened to him.

Gaurav’s death

In July 2016, Gaurav’s body was found in his bathroom, under mysterious circumstances and it still remains one of the most tragic secrets. No one knows how or why he was found in that horrific state.

Police investigated the matter, but could not come to a logical explanation. According to the police, on 7th July, Gaurav went inside the bathroom while his family was sitting in the next room. After a while, they heard a loud thud coming from inside.

Panicked, the family members somehow entered the bathroom and saw him lying on the floor. He was gasping for breath and profusely sweating. His family rushed him to the hospital, but he was declared dead.

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The Autopsy of Gaurav

gaurav tiwari paranormal researcher

On examining his body closely, the doctors found black marks around his neck, which definitely didn’t look like self-inflicted. There were no signs of struggle or any trace of poison, nor was it a heart attack. According to the doctors, his death was a case of asphyxiation, which is a condition of very less supply of oxygen to the body that arises from abnormal breathing.

Now, that really sounds illogical.

Because he wasn’t in a place where oxygen content was low, and there was no medication found in his blood, that could have resulted in abnormal breathing eventually leading to asphyxiation. So, this reason can be easily ruled out.

However, the investigation continued and as police didn’t have any law related to the supernatural, they tried hard to find a suicide or murder angle in Gaurav’s death.

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The loopholes in the reason of his death

The police, after investigation, came down to the point that Gaurav committed suicide because he was having some personal issues. They speculated that there was some tension between him and his newly married wife related to his profession, that led him to take his own life. The police even hinted financial issues could be behind this.

Who knows, there might be some unexplainable powers behind this.

The supernatural angle

The mysterious circumstances and the events that happened just before Gaurav’s death explain a lot about what could be the reason behind his untimely and sudden death, that too in his bathroom.

gaurav tiwari paranormal researcher

For starters, if we go by the fact that he was depressed and not in the right state of mind, he would never have checked his emails and behaved normally a few minutes before his death. Secondly, he was inside his own bathroom, and there were no chain or rope found when he was found lying on the floor with dark black marks on his neck.

Moreover, there isn’t a place inside the bathroom that can be used for hanging oneself. So, how could Gaurav try and commit suicide inside a bathroom? And why would he attempt it, knowing the fact that his family is just a door away?

These are a few of the basic questions that arise in my mind, given whatever I have read so far about his death. And I guess the police just doesn’t want to accept that there could be ghosts behind his death.

Gaurav was troubled by evil spirits.

gaurav tiwari paranormal researcher

According to Gaurav’s wife, he was having some issues lately. He even told her that there was an evil spirit trying to kill him and that he can’t keep that ghost away. Of course, Arya (Gaurav’s wife) dismissed it, thinking that he is stressed out because of his work. But, she didn’t know that the paranormal can harm her husband in reality too.

Furthermore, during the investigation, Gaurav’s father revealed a couple of things that can be called the real reason behind his death. He said that Gaurav used to tell them about black marks, which are signs of revenge of spirits in distress. At that time, his family brushed it off, but now his father regrets not believing in him completely.

His father even swore that he saw spirits around his son and he believes that they are behind his death.

Did spirits really kill Gaurav?

gaurav tiwari paranormal researcher

Considering all the possibilities and explanations by the police and Gaurav’s family, I don’t think that he committed suicide because of personal issues. But, one thing is for sure that my belief on the paranormal has amplified after reading his life story. And I kind of feel that something or someone from the supernatural realm is responsible for his death.

What do you think?

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