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Are Animals Gay Too? These Species Prove Its Natural To Be Gay Or Homosexual

The era of laws against homosexuality has come to an end in the country and things are looking up for homosexuals. But it took a lot of time for the law to change, and yet, not many people approve of the law or of the people who are going to benefit from it.

When we are still struggling to digest this change in the societal norms and all kinds of opinions fill up our social platforms, what if we tell you that it has been scientifically proven that being gay or homosexual is natural.

To prove this to you, what if we tell you that there are all kinds of animals including fish, birds, insects, and mammals that practice homosexuality naturally.

Why should the norms be different for humans then?

Here let’s have a look at the species who behave totally gay and they don’t give a rat’s a** what anyone thinks:

1) Penguins

gay Penguins

These adorable little tuxedo-clad birds have been seen practicing gay sex for decades now. Two male Penguins named Silo and Roy from New York Central Park Zoo had a long-time relation. They were even given another penguin’s egg to hatch when the zookeepers saw that they were trying to hatch a rock thinking it to be their egg.

Recently another story of a gay penguin stealing another’s egg in a Denmark zoo went viral too. Also, they mate for life so it is pretty serious guys!

2) Giraffes

gay Giraffes

Male giraffes are often seen “necking” with their male counterparts. They rub each other’s neck playfully and mount each other. Sometimes the behavior is aggressive though it’s not actually fighting, but mating ritual for them.

Several male giraffes have also been observed performing gay mating at one time by the observers. Sounds like an orgy of giraffes.

3) Mountain Bison

gay Mounting Bison

A sort of a bull, these beasts can be seen mounting males rather than females. Up to 55% of mating rituals are among the male bison. As per the researchers, this is because female bison mate only once a year with the male of her choosing. So, they gotta do it somewhere!

4) Lions

gay lions

Yes, it’s no surprise, the mighty king of the jungle himself is one of the lots. Nearly 8% of the male populations engage in same-sex mating. They make all-male groups and spoon each other. Lionesses too have been observed mounting each other if there are no male lions available.

5) Bottleneck Dolphins

gay Bottleneck Dolphins

Both male and female dolphins like to fool around with the same gender for long periods of time. Males mount one another frequently and even females will have episodes of foreplay before actually mating with a male dolphin.

6) Macaques

gay Macaques

Both male and female Macaques form sexual bonds. However, female macaques form intense relations while males are one-night-standers. Wait, what? When not mating for babies, female prefer the company of same sex. They even cajole and defend each other.

7) Albatross

gay Albatross

The Layson Albatross from Hawaii are known gay birds. 30% of the paring is among female species. Like Penguins, they are monogamous too and stay with each other for life. Male albatross fathers chicks with other females and then they raise it together.

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8) Swans

gay swans


Did you know that a fifth of all swan couples are gay? And with that goes the ideal perfection of this couple out the window. These monogamous beings partner for life. And a lot of them choose a same-sex partner. Male swan mates with a female and after she lays eggs, they drive her away and raise the chicks. So, technically they are still ideal couples, just not from opposite sexes.

9) Walrus

gay Walrus

Hungry for a close companionship, male walrus usually performs gay sex rituals till the age of four. Only then they mate with females during the breeding season and stay with another male walrus for the rest of the year.

10) Sheep

gay Sheeps

Around 8% of male sheep from the flock are gay, even if there are female sheep around. But this happens only in domesticated ones, the wild sheep mates with opposite sex only.

11) Bonobos

gay Bonobos

Bonobos are genetically very similar to humans. And obviously, they are pretty sex-crazed too. Male-male and female-female activities are quite common in the species. And, it is also done to diffuse any tensions in the group.

12) Geese

gay Geese-

Geese, like many other birds, are monogamous. They only look for another mate if their partner dies and around 30% of these partners are of the same sex. They fertilize with females during the breeding season while continuing their actual relationship with male ones.

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13) Warthogs

gay Warthogs

Female warthogs engage in mating rituals with other female warthogs. As a matter of fact, the bond stays for a long time, it is not a fling. Females even chase off male warthogs if they are already into a relationship with another female. Although male warthogs do form pairs with other males, they don’t engage in sexual activity.

14) Elephants

gay Elephants

Both Asiatic and African male elephants form a bond with the same sex. They caress each other with care and the copulation begins. Even female elephants if in captivity indulge in same-sex rituals.

15) Insects:

gay insects

In the case of a variety of insects, there is a lot of homosexuality involved. Researchers believe it could be because males carry the scent of females they have mated with and it confuses other males. While in some cases, all these critters and creatures look alike, so they simply cannot tell the difference.


Although we deny the facts proven by science and give our own logic to support our own bigoted thoughts, the facts are laid bare for everyone to see. Homosexuality, if not for everyone, isn’t exactly a crime or unnatural.

It is as natural and as approved by nature as any other relationship on earth. Nature has proven it time and again and these species are a living breathing example of how diverse our universe is and how we know just a little speck from the infinite ocean of hidden facts.

We humans have still a long way to go to understand the nature and our prejudiced notions stop us from moving forward. Do you agree?


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