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Exactly This Is The Major Problem With Generation Y: Thanks To Social Media

Most of the parents complain, “ajkal ke bacche”. This line has so many confused emotions.

But deep inside, they are worried that they don’t know what their kids want in their lives and what they are exactly doing with it.

Meanwhile, our breakfast-in-my-car generation is rushing madly from one place to another. And we are sort of proud of it.

And this ‘Living life on the edge’ and ‘YOLO’ lifestyle of our generation is keeping our parents on the hot bricks. And the best part is we are aware of our deeds, which is why we also remain anxious all the time.

The only thing that calms us is when we see other people being anxious about the same thing. It relaxes our heart if someone tags us in dark memes and we think. “Oh, I am not alone”.

And that is not the only issue. Our minds are mysteriously destroyed (thanks to advertisements) that we have messed up some of the most important lifestyle pleasures as well as some great emotions that are cherished through a lifetime.

1. I am obese and I know it

It is sad to say that it is being promoted nowadays through various forms of ads and so-called ‘influencers’. Obesity is actually unhealthy for you and there is nothing to be proud of, of being obese.

By that, I don’t mean to say that you should put your life at risk by reducing your weight etc. But even if you are not opting for a healthy lifestyle and showing off your sagging muscles, that might turn out unhealthier for you.

Certainly, being the fastest runner does not qualify as the healthiest person on earth, but not able to run also does not define a fit person.

Even if you look at graffiti from the ancient path, hardly any human was shown with a belly out. Simply, because they had such a lifestyle which kept them fit and “in-shape”.

It is not about pleasing someone by having the curviest body, it is about you (rise above from that fake pride first to realize it) able to do daily chores without running out of your breath.

The Internet is vomiting with researches of all kinds and issues related to obesity. So, think about it and find out a workout for yourself.

2. I proudly spend all my saving on exploring new places. Mah Life, Mah Rulz!

travel meme

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Certainly, traveling to the newest places gives you the best emotions. You like the high of being in the new city and doing new things.

Tamasha movie was a great example of how for some people, traveling is much more than just relaxing your soul. It is more about being you because no one knows you over there.

But making money just to travel or quitting your job to travel is certainly not a good idea until you have a well thought out business plan based on making a living through traveling.

And more than that, traveling is good, but you do need to save money because you never know when your health insurance guy refuses to reimburse for your ailment.

It is all fun and game till the time you are healthy and sound. But we are now an utterly sensitive generation trying to survive with the help of RO purified water and air purifiers. So, save some while you spend some on your travel goals.

3. Till forever and ever? Are you crazy!

fear of commitment

Marriage used to be a beautiful emotion back then. But today, it has become the most feared form of commitment. Even couples who have been dating for really long time fear marriages.

Why? No idea.

Certainly, the only reason that wanders in our heart is, I can’t date the same guy/girl for a such a long time, yaar! While, we are totally fine dating him/her for as long as possible, but when it comes to marriage, we escape from it in leaps and bounds.

We may be living a happy life right now because we are young and don’t have to be dependent on anyone for most of the time. But there WILL come a time when we will be alone. When time will fade out our closest of people, when sex won’t be your top priority, and the only one who might there be with us at that time will be our soulmate (only if you choose to find one).

4. I love being single and that is my way of life


Surely, when most of the time we are busy chasing dreams and things that our life is not dependent upon( like the dream of buying a Ferrari), we often don’t have time for relationships. And we seek out for easy sex, thus Tinder. And that is all we need to survive.

(But are we living!?) No idea Sir Ji!

Even for those who get married, they end up in a bitter relationship. So why can’t I be single and spend time at work so that I earn more?

But, do we stop for a moment and ask ourselves if we really need that money? And at cost of what, our golden years, our closest of people, only to see so much money in our bank balance at the age of 60 when we won’t even be left with so much time in our lives to spend even 50% of it.

5. Alcohol is good dude, study says so, Imma down this shot now!

Of course, there are researches that prove alcohol is good for health. But, there is a saying that half-knowledge is a weapon of destruction. Relying on just reading the headline which said alcohol is good for health, is a dangerous thing.

We need to dig deep into that study and find out what exactly does one peg even mean. Is it a 30 ml, 60 ml, 90 ml. More than that, in the country in which this study was conducted, what was the alcohol percentage of the type of drink. How was it consumed etc.

Binge drinking every other night in that favorite club is absolutely not healthy.

Maybe, your business is your business and none of anyone else’s business, it is just a wise person’s advise to kind of rethink the lifestyle we are into today and where is it taking us 10 years down the line.


I am a hip-hop music lover and I am passionate about writing rhymes. I prefer listening to music over movies any day. I do possess expert knowledge on content & influencer marketing and have helped some popular brands. I spend me time with memes (reading and creating both).

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  1. I disagree that your entire generation is like that.. see there YOU are pointing to all things not perfect in such a mature manner!! I have a much younger cousin , she is a brilliant student and knows everything u just said here. There r kids smarter than both of u.. including those who will become rocket scientist. The problem is with older generation – as it has always been. We tend to forget how we were at that age n expect Kids to behave like adults. My grandfather had the same opinion of my father. I am sure my great-grand father had the same opinion for his sons and daughters . My dad felt the same way about me n my sister.. but we all grew up to be responsible adults leading proud sucessful lifes. Kids take time to grow up. That’s all. But most kids do grow up. Making mistakes is not a bad thing. Only One must be open to learn as they grow up into 20s and then 30s.

  2. I understand the point you are trying to make and yes everyone grows to become responsible adults. Though the thought process in this article is there are new trends on social media and TV that are positioned as cult but are leading the newer generation in a chaotic direction.

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