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Don’t Blame Your Friends, Your Genes Are Responsible For Your Smoking And Drinking Habits

Almost every second person has the habit of smoking and drinking nowadays.

Some blame it on peer pressure while some choose to put it all on their work stress. Bottom line, every other person is chained to smoking and drinking habits, but no one really knows why.

However, a recent study revealed that smoking and drinking habits in a person are because of certain genes that they possess.

Genes determine smoking and drinking habits

smoking and drinking

Yes, you read it right. A new study was conducted that used the data of about 1.2 million people from around the world. Various research groups across the globe combined their data and compiled the results after they assessed genes from adults.

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The groups comprised of people from all age groups and various societies and family backgrounds. Once the research was completed, they found out that 566 gene variants were responsible for smoking and drinking habits in people.

The parameters of smoking and drinking research

Researchers measured the alcohol consumption in participants adhering the standard alcohol units. On the other hand, smokers were noted on the number of cigarettes they consume on a daily basis. Both the genetic markers for smoking and drinking remained constant among all the societies from where people were picked for being a part of the study.

This lead them to investigate further. They found out that social conditions were often responsible for activating those genes which affected drinking and smoking in adults. They still need to determine details of how nicotine and dopamine affect the human mind.

Norway’s HUNT Research Centre

smoking and drinking

The research was published in the journal Nature Genetics which pointed in the direction that the specific variants that were present in 566 gene variants decided the likelihood of a person’s boozing and smoking habits.

According to a professor who was a part of the research team, ‘The study group that was genetically predisposed to smoking was also genetically predisposed to a number of health problems. It includes obesity, diabetes, ADHD and various mental illnesses, whereas a genetic risk for alcohol was associated with lower disease risk.’

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Gene markers responsible for smoking and drinking

smoking and drinking

Though, they found out that these marker genes were also associated with a range of health problems. Strangely, the same remarkable genes that had the ability to ward off a range of diseases also promoted drinking habits in an individual.

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However, this doesn’t mean that drinking can make you less prone to disease and smoking can make you severely ill. It just implies that further research needs to be conducted. This needs to be regarding the genetic risk of alcohol which is associated with lower disease risk.

Now you know

All of you will agree that drinking and smoking have become an integral part of millions of adults but now, the truth is all out. Your friends and colleagues are not responsible for your habits, it’s your genes. So, stop blaming anyone else for your drinking and smoking addiction and take responsibility for it.

Because its your genes which determine your habits.

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