Get a Personal Loan without a PAN Card or Salary Slips

Are you someone who hasn’t applied for a PAN Card yet and wants to get a personal loan approved? If yes, then the first thing you need to do is apply for one and then take help from this article to get your personal loan approved without a PAN Card or Salary Slips. Let us see how to get a personal loan without a pan card or salary slips.

Get a Personal Loan without a PAN Card or Salary Slips

What is a Personal Loan?

Personal loan is a loan granted by the bank to a person that does not require any kind of security. It means that the loan receiver does not have to mortgage anything against this loan. In addition to that, the person can use the amount received from this money for any purpose.

What is a Secured Loan?

A Secured Loan is a loan where the receiver has to make a security deposit with the bank or financial body in order to get their loan approved. It could be a property, asset, or other collateral.

How to Get a Personal Loan without a PAN Card or Salary Slips?

Just in case you do not have a PAN Card or salary slips but you are confident about your credit score, then here are some different ways you can opt to get your personal loan approved:

1. If you have a CIBIL score higher than 700, then you will find multiple lenders in the market who will be willing to give you a personal loan without the above mentioned documents. CIBIL score reflects a good financial credibility which is what the lenders seek in their borrowers.

2. Maintain a good repayment record which suggests that you are a credible borrower who can return the loan amount according to the set terms on time. It is a very important quality of a borrower that a lender respects and can give a loan over it.

3. Just in case you have some collateral security to keep, use it to get the approval on the loan and go for a Secured Loan instead of a Personal Loan.

4. Get a co-applicant with a PAN card or salary slips who can cosign the loan application with you. It ensures that you can get the money on somebody else’s confidence.

5. Some lenders can find satisfaction by taking your bank statements into consideration while approving your loan. Ensure that you make thoughtful transactions so they can help you with your credibility with the lender.


These were some twisted ways to get a loan approved for yourself without hammering yourself for a PAN Card or Salary Slips. However, it is highly important to have a PAN Card, so apply for a PAN Card as soon as possible to get it at the earliest. Also, it is not a very tough thing to get hold of your salary slips. You can either download them from your HR Portal or ask your HR directly.

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