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Use These 4 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Cockroaches From Your Home

No one likes cockroaches, they are creepy. You might want to stomp them with your feet but you don’t want to kill anyone. Although, all those insecticides that are available in the market guarantees to get rid of cockroaches.

But in reality, they are no good. By spraying those insecticides in your house you are just exposing your family to toxic chemicals. In a recent study published in the journal Scientific Reports finds that the most common species of roaches found in the world are becoming invisible.

The professional advice, in that case, is to use chemical methods along with natural ways to get rid of roaches. If you don’t know any general ways, don’t worry here are 4 the natural ways to get of cockroaches.

1. Clean And Clean Again

Get rid of cockroaches

Food residue, particularly grease in your house attracts these roaches. That means it’s your responsibility to make your house clean and clear. Leaving dirty dishes, and greasy stove overnight is not a vice option. Clean the house and especially the kitchen before sleeping, every night. At first, it might seem like a lot of work, but soon just a 15 mins cleaning session would be enough to take care of these creepy monsters.

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2. Take Care Of All The Holes And Cracks In Your House

get rid of roaches

Cracks behind the shelves, inside your pantry, are like new house for these small crawlers. And not just roaches but many other insects can crawl inside these space. Don’t invite them to have a feast with you, seal all these holes and cracks. Tell them there is no party in your house. This task might seem a lot but with the help of a tube of caulk and a caulking gun, you can take care of all this easily.

3. Create Your Own Bait

Get rid of cockroaches

With the help of boric acid and some powdered sugar, you can get rid of cockroaches. Simply mix three parts of boric acid with one part of powdered sugar. The sugar will lure then and boric acid will take care of the rest. Plus boric acid is not toxic to humans or pets. Just keep them away from the places where it can reach your eyes. Behind the refrigerator, under stove and dishwasher and near the cracks are some of the best places to leave your bait.

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4. Take Care Of That Leaking Tap

get rid of roaches

The leaking tap inside your bathroom not just sounds scary at night but also attracts roaches. As moisture and water from leaks in pipes attract these creepy insects. This is the reason you find a colony of roaches in your sink every morning. Water is important for them, they can survive for days without food but barely a day without water. Don’t give them another reason to make your house their home. Take care of all the leaking taps.

In Conclusion:

Take care of cockroaches naturally, don’t let them get into your house, start practising all the above mentioned natural ways to get rid of your nightmare.

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