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3 Simple Steps For Those Who Want To Attain Runner’s High

For you running might not be that easy, but ask a runner and they will tell you that they love running. Why? Because it gives them high. That too without smoking anything.

They might not get it during their every run, but every once in a while, runners get a euphoric feeling which is known as runner’s high. That’s why people who like running don’t like to take day off from their daily running. As they don’t want to miss the feeling of runner’s high.

What is runner’s high?

runner's high

After finishing a long distance run, runner’s get the euphoric feeling that is called runner’s high. They feel happy as the brain releases two different chemicals that give the high. Though the same feeling can also be attained by doing any other exercise.

But there is a difference between the runner’s high and high you get during your intense gym session. Runner high is a bit better than all the other high’s, as it makes your body feel lighter and you’ll forget all your pain.

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Once a runner reaches the point of high they feel like they can run forever. They feel like they have unlimited energy to continue their run.

What science says about this?

runner's high

After running for half an hour, at 80% of your heart level, brain releases two mood boosters, Endorphins and Anandamides. Where Endorphins is a chemical counterpart of morphine, Anandamides are somewhat similar to the THC.

Endorphins help you to forget about how much your legs are burning. As it acts as a pain killer. While Anandamides cannabinoids make us calm.

When these two mood boosters reach the brain barriers (gatekeeper of brain cells). Anandamides are small and get easily inside your brain, while most of the Endorphins find it hard to get in.

Not to worry though, as the brain itself synthesizes Endorphins. Once these two mood boosters reach your central nervous system, they block the pain sensors. As a result, runner doesn’t feel the burning in the legs.

And once Endorphins reaches the prefrontal and limbic regions runners feel more motivated and soon the euphoric feeling kicks in. If you want to feel what runner’s feel, here are the 3 simple steps to get runner’s high

1. Prepare yourself for the run

runner's high

To get the runner’s high you have to run a long distance. Make sure to wear comfortable gym clothes and running shoes. Have a pre-run meal that includes carb and protein. Banana along with peanut butter is the best option. Peanut butter will provide you with enough protein while banana helps to avoid muscles cramps.

2. Warm up is necessary

runner's high

In order to avoid injury, just like any other exercise, you should do a proper upper and lower body warm-up. 5 minutes warm up is enough to relax your muscles. Don’t start with the full pace, although it running fast feels tempting you have to run for a long time. Start slow, with less than 50% of your pace for 10 minutes. This will help you to save energy to complete your long distance run.

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3. Increase your pace

runner's high

Even after doing a proper warm-up, you still are not allowed to run at your full pace (sprint). Keep your pace at 70% and try to maintain it as long as you can. Consistency is the key if you really want to feel the runner’s high. And if 70% feels to fast, you are losing your breath, you are allowed to take down your pace. Bring it down to 65-60% and try to maintain it.

Anything else?

Those above mentioned are the most important tips that you need to follow to get the runner’s high. Apart from it you also need to maintain a mindset that will help you enjoy your run.

At one point, your legs will start burning too hard, just push little extra and you’ll reach the climax. As the burning sensation will be stopped and your body will feel light.

Congratulations!!! You have attained the runner’s high.

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