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4 Reasons That Proves ‘Ghee’ Is Super Healthy

Back in the olden days, there wasn’t the concept of refined and olive oil. Ghee was the best option and people swore that ghee is healthy.

People mostly used mustard oil for cooking, but on special occasions, Ghee was the major source that added the desired smell and taste to the dish.

Since then, times changed. Ghee was replaced by refined oils. In a few homes, even refined was replaced by olive oil and other options because ghee was deemed as unhealthy.

Why Ghee is amazing?


It has been thoroughly publicized that ghee is fattening. But on the contrary, it is isn’t if you eat it in moderation. Also, very few know that ghee aids in weight loss. Not just this, but it also restores mind balance and boosts brain functioning.

Apart from that ghee is healthy for the body and has other unique benefits that are not present in any other cooking oil. These 4 traits of ghee will make you believe how awesome it is.

1. Even lactose intolerant folks can eat ghee

ghee is healthy

Yes, you read it right. If you suffer from lactose intolerance, ghee can easily come to your rescue. If you can’t have butter but love the taste, go for ghee as it is just the right fix without any health problems.

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2. Helps in an upset tummy

ghee is healthy

Ghee has amazing health benefits and helping your digestive walls to be strong is one of them. The next time you suffer from an upset stomach, consume ghee in small quantity.

3. Fixes gastrointestinal issues

ghee is healthy

Not only it improves your digestion but also helps in fixing any gastrointestinal issues. But make sure that you consume it in moderation or it will send you running to the washroom with loose motion.

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4. Great for skin and hair

ghee is healthy

Consuming two tablespoons of ghee can do wonders to your skin and hair. It makes your skin supple and saves it from dryness. Also, your hair will be shinier.

Ghee works wonders

Even though, a bad reputation of being fattening proceeds ghee, it isn’t the reality. All you need to do is consume it in small quantities. A total of two tablespoons can be enough for daily consumption. Include this amazing ingredient in your diet and don’t worry about gaining weight, because as a matter of fact, ghee helps in weight loss.

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