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These 20 Gift Ideas For Men Is Everything You Have Been Looking For

Although men have this penchant for making others feel special about themselves, however, that doesn’t mean they don’t crave pampering.  As men, we don’t expect gifts every once in a while, however, obviously won’t mind a surprise box parked in front of the door.

Nevertheless, as a woman, if you have ever tried looking out for a gift for the man in your life, you would be mindful of how tiresome the task could be. So easing the heedful and gruelling task for you, we have scooped in a list of unique gifts you can gift to the brother, husband, son or father in your life.

1. Cups



Cups can never go wrong. They are the most ideal thing to pick when you run out of gift ideas for men. The best thing about cups is that they come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized to dwell perfectly with the situation (anniversary, birthday, etc).

2. Smart Watch

smart watch


A smartwatch is a unisex gift and one of the trendiest you can choose for the men or women in your life. With various health trackers and other enticing features intact, a smartwatch is a perfect way to take care of their health while making sure they look their best.

3. A Drone Maybe?



A drone? Really? You may ask, and the answer is yes because, why not? Men are fond of uncanny gifts and if your man can bring a drone into use in some way or the other, why not gift him one? Moreover, he might send you chocolates using the same.

4. Bath Robe

bath robe


Not every man realizes that they need a bathrobe in their life but, they actually do. It’s lusty, comfy and looks attractive. You just don a matching bathrobe on a Sunday morning and spew couples goals making the neighbours jealous. Woohoo!!

5. Fun Time Activity Book

Fun Time Activity Book


An Activity book will add sparks to your romantic life if you chose the right one. Activity book for couples is a unique gift for men that will spare some ideas on how to add passion in your playtime and get you and your loved one geared up for some sensual fun.

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6. Grooming Kit

Grooming Kit


Men don’t pay much attention to grooming and it is time to change the trend. Let your dad, husband, son, brother or friend know how much you love and care about them by surprising them with a grooming kit that has all the essentialities attached.

7. Smartphone Projector

Smartphone Projector


Smartphone projector comes handy in various situations and is a unique birthday gift for men. No more file transfer from computers to cell phones and no more viewing on small screens. Just connect your phone to the projector, get on the couch, cover yourself with blankets and let walls be your theatre.

8. Plants



Ensure the man in your life stays close to the healing rays of mother nature by gifting him the goodness of plants. You can either gift them a plant for their room or one for his office desk.

9. Portrait



Men are emotional beings. They might be emotionally weak at expressing how much they care about you, but their actions often state the obvious. Therefore, they would love to have a piece of you with them and thus a picture portrait of you and him becomes a great gift.

10. Heated Back Massager

Heated Back Massager


What could be better than relaxing against a heated back massager that looks like a modern living room pillow after a greulling day a work? The relaxation one would receive sitting against the pillow will ensure that you stay etched in their heart for the wondrous gift.

11. USB Charging Station

charging port


Men are fond of gadgets, and gadgets need the power to function. However, most of the time, finding ports to charge multiple gadgets can get tough. So why not gift them a USB charging station that has multiple ports; to ensure they don’t use “my phone was dead” excuse.

12. PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer


Our cellphone is a breeding ground for bacteria that can transfer germs to your bodies in numerous ways. This is when a smartphone sanitizer comes handy. The sanitizer helps zap most of the germs while fueling the phone during the process. If you have been looking for gift ideas for boyfriend, then this is the one.

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13. Eyeglass Holder

Eyeglass Holder


If your man complains about losing his eyeglass every night he picks a novel to read, then this is the perfect gift for him. The eyeglass holder serves the purpose while leaving a smile on your face. I mean just look at his face, who won’t laugh?

14. Anti-theft Bag

anti theft bag


Anti-theft bags are your best friends when either travelling to work or to an unknown place. Anti-theft backpack, are designed to hide a whole number of security devices, such as hidden zippers, anti-cut fabric and will ensure your loved ones are safe.

15. Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker


Gift your man a coffee maker and he will wake up to a rich, bold cup of coffee. The coffee maker is the best gift for men as well as you as it will increase your chances of getting coffee in bed. Ain’t it the best thing ever?

16. Personalised Wallets

Gift Ideas For Men


Instead of Googling gift ideas for men, Google wallets for men. Wallets are so often used by men that they get tattered easily. This is when a personalised wallet comes to the rescue.

17. Console



If he still does not have one and has been craving for one, get one for him today. Gaming consoles are true friends to men and he would never forget you if you get him one. Also, playing games together shall help you get along better on a sunny Sunday.

18. Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker

Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker

A lot different from a normal Bluetooth speaker is a Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker that would not only give you a reason to dance but also add aesthetics to the house. The speaker looks different, feels different and would be a unique gift for men.

19. Gadgets



A man’s love for gadgets never dies no matter how old he gets. He might not use every gadget he owns but is happy about the fact that he owns them. so adding to the list of “owned gadgets”, gift him a gadget that he doesn’t own.

20. Chocolates



When nothing works, chocolate is the perfect gift idea for men that would never go wrong. I mean what could be the sweetest way to say I Love You without using words? Off course chocolate. And yaha mai pighal gaya.

So this was our take on the best gifts for men. If you have any suggestions, do mention the same in the comment section below.

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