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Gillette Advert Targeting #Metoo Movement Started A Debate On Internet With Many Boycotting Gillette Products

Targetting global issues of sexual harassment and gender equality, Gillette advert targeting #metoo movement has started a debate on the internet.

With people praising the change of dialogue, by replacing their 30 years old slogan “The best men can get” to “The best men can be”, some are outraged.

In fact, a whole new debate has sparked on Twitter. There are many who reacted with angry comments, accusing the advert of using false suppositions. Then, there were others pledging to boycott Gillette’s product. All just because of Gillette advert targeting #metoo movement.

But what was really serious in the advert?

Gillette Advert Targeting #Metoo Movement

Media channels claim that what people usually watch, reflects a lot in their behavior. It influences their dressing style, the way of talking and even the way they think. It’s true.

Considering it, Gillette launched their new advert, which is about the current global issues of sexual harassment, gender equality and the toxic nature of men that they think make them look musculin. But, it seems that it backfired.

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The short ad-film has gained 4 million views in just 48 hours. Their YouTube comment section page is all covered with praise and accusations alike. Actually, more accusation and less praise.

Gillette Advert Targeting #Metoo Movement

The ad starts by showing a new clip from the cases of sexual harassment. It’s a boardroom where there is a discussion going on. On topics ranging from sexism to harassment and violence among boys to inequality.

Then, it asks a question to its audience, “Bullying, the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment, toxic masculinity, is this the best a man can get?”

We have to stop, we have to change, all the negative actions of men can’t be justified by saying men will be men.

Which is why in the next clip, the company focuses on people who speak out for sexual harassment. The advert also shows that the bullying and the violence that boys think portrays their masculinity, has to stop.

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Gillette Advert Targeting #Metoo Movement

There are already people in this world who wants to take a different approach and want to talk about their masculinity in a different way. This ad has just given them a voice. Still, not everyone is willing to change.

Many people have released hate video’s, throwing Gillette’s products into their dustbins and pledging to boycott the use of Gillette and P&G’s products.

People are mad, claiming that this ad contains scenes that could be seen as a path, to portray men at-large as a bunch of sociopaths.
See the ad here:

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In Conclusion:

Boy’s will be boys, is no more an excuse. Toxic masculinity has been going on for too long. It’s time to change and with the change in their dialogue, Gillette is trying to change the world as well.

Although this could be just another one of those marketing techniques. Because media does play an important role to influence our lives. Maybe after seeing this new ad, the world will start changing. Or, could just end as yet another way to attract more business for the company.

Tell us what you think about it.

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