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Watch The Entire Story Of Estelle, A 19 Year Old Girl With Light-bulb Head

‘Do the patch test before applying the product.’

As a warning, this is always mentioned in every makeup and hair dye products. Wondering why so? Because these cosmetic products contain several chemicals that might not suit everyone’s skin.

You should take it seriously, as these patch tests can really give you a fatal allergic reaction. Recently I read in the news, a 19 years old girl Estelle got a light-bulb head after applying the hair dye. No kidding.

Light bulb-head dye allergy

What actually happened?

Covered in the Fox News, Estelle’s head grew almost double in size, in the shape of a light-bulb when she applied a hair dye.

According to the girl, she got this fatal allergic reaction from of a chemical compound called Paraphenylenediamine (PPD).

Light bulb-head dye allergy

Just so you know, PPD is a chemical compound generally used in all the dark-color based cosmetics.

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Light bulb-head dye allergy

In order to test the product first, she applied a little amount as mentioned on the back of the product. Unfortunately, right after applying the color, she started experiencing itching on her scalp followed by a swollen light-bulb head.

Light bulb-head dye allergy

Freaked out, she went to see the doctor who prescribed her some medicines and cream, that should have given her some relief.

But nothing worked and soon her light-bulb head started to cause her more and more trouble.

Light bulb-head dye allergy

Soon, she began to feel difficulty in breathing as well.
Light bulb-head dye allergy
She was immediately taken to the hospital. Doctors gave her an adrenaline shot which made her condition worse.

Light bulb-head dye allergy

Though after keeping her under observation for the night, her condition seemed to get better and her face is coming back to normal.

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Watch the video here:

In Conclusion:

I know, most of you just don’t pay any attention to the ‘directions of use’ instruction at the back of the product, but you should. It is advisable to do a patch test every time you apply something new and that test shouldn’t be done on your face. Try using it on your hand or something.

And make sure you are not allergic to any of the chemical compounds which are included in the product. Or be ready for an untimely Halloween get-up, because this light-bulb head looks creepy AF.

Because, clearly, no one would wanna have a light-bulb head on regular days, right?

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