Girl’s Creative Hack To Use Ex-Bf’s Netflix Account Without Being Caught Has Got Netlfix Impressed

Having a Netflix account is a luxury these days. And someone who has it is treated like they are the most important person on Earth.

It is a common thing for people to share their Netflix password with friends, families and lovers. But what happens when someone in a relationship, sharing a Netflix account, breaks up? Well, ethics says that one not paying should silently stop using it.


But not for this lady. This lady has been using his ex’s Netflix account by disguising herself in a profile she created and named as ‘Settings’.

For the unknown, if you have a Netflix subscription, you will always be aware of the person using your account as it appears on Netflix’s homepage.

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Twitter user @yellowgengar2 recently took on Twitter to share a screenshot of his brother’s Netflix account where he found that his brother’s ex had been using their account. 

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She had disguised herself in a profile named Settings, leaving the guy not miffed but impressed.

Many hailed the woman as a ‘legend’ and even Netflix was impressed by her idea and replied to the tweet with ‘Respect’. 

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