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6 Species Of Girls That You See Shopping In Flea Markets Of Goa

There are six different flea markets in Goa alone. Yes, Six!!

Each has its own collection of clothes, handcrafted art pieces, junk jewelry, hammocks, spices, Goan Artifacts and an ending supply of chilled beer. Phew!! that’s a lot of choices girls.

Thank heavens, we have beer!!

Does it ring the shopping bell in your ears too? How can it not? I am virtually already in Goa. Hah!

Women love to shop. Its ingrained in our systems since before we were even born. Ain’t it? But we aren’t talking about what to shop in those markets here, no.

We are going to talk about the variety of girls we all have encountered while shopping in the flea markets of Goa:

1. The Brand Ambassador

Species of girls in Goan market

You must have bumped into her as she fanatically searches for Zaras and Vero Modas in the flea market, Imagine!

She thinks she might find out cheap versions of brands at these local shops. After all, she wouldn’t want to stain her image of being classy by buying cheap rags.

Someone, please tell her to check out the nearby mall instead. The flea market is exclusively for rags and rag-lovers ?

2. The Shopaholic Diva

Species of girls in Goan market

Have you seen the one with fifty-odd shopping bags, still circling the market?

She is the ideal Shopaholic Diva. The shop-keeper can be spotted running around in a frenzy to pull out her choices from the innermost corners of his shop. She has a beer in one hand and a cigarette in another. After all, shopping drains you bhai!!

Be ready to stand waiting in a looooong queue, because the shop wala bhayya is not gonna be free for the next couple of hours. She finally exits with almost every fresh piece the shop had.

“You can smirk all you want, babe”, her gesture spits at you.

3. Hues of Shopping

Species of girls in Goan market

You will be surprised to know that there are colors in the world you didn’t even know existed. Makes you think you are color blind.

This one almost always… always goes back home empty-handed. Because she never gets her favorite pattern in the color…err… sorry, hues of her choice.  “I need this kurta in Mikadu” or “I love this top, but do you have it in Coquelicot?”

The shopwala along with you stares at her dumbstruck. Hello, are you even from the same planet?

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4. The Bargaining Champion

Species of girls in Goan market

She is my ideal shopper, truly. Here’s why?

She is “Miss know it all”. She knows the apt prices of even the latest of the styles which haven’t even made their way to wardrobes yet. The bargain starts with one-fourth the price of the stuff.

And she won’t budge, not even if the mountains move or a tsunami struck. Poor guy gives it up for less than half the price just to get her stubborn ass out of the shop.

Absolutely need a few classes from her.

5. The Possessor of all Those and More

Species of girls in Goan market

I haven’t the slightest idea why this variety even takes the pain to go shopping. She will reject everything outright at first glance, “I have this, I have this, this too…. even this…” is all she mutters while checking out the display. She makes a bored face and rolls her eyes every time she is shown a fresh piece.

It actually makes you feel dumb in the shopping department.

Keeps me thinking, she must live in the malls and stores.

6. The Snatcher

Species of girls in Goan market

You will find her sneak up from behind when you are checking out the latest cold-shoulder. And even before you decide to buy or not to buy, she will quickly snatch it from under your nose and flee with it.

Yes, you will glare at her and might squeak to put up a fight but then, be ready to be assassinated for a stupid piece of clothing, babe.

Are you one of the above shoppers? Remind me to never cross you in a flea market ever!!

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