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Global Peace Index Rated Them As Top 10 Countries & We Can’t Hold Our Plans To Move Out

The constant chatter, noise, pollution, crimes……and this never-ending list goes on and on.

Don’t you wish you could just switch your country and live peacefully?

Well, with the latest Peace index out for this year, you now have the option to actually take a pick and choose peace! Sounds sound, eh?

Here are the top 10 peaceful countries (by Global Peace Index) which you can migrate to and live the much desired Peaceful Life

1. Iceland

Iceland- most peaceful country

This country has topped the charts since the year 2008 and maintained its grand title of the most peaceful country. With the best Social safety and security, least ongoing domestic and international conflicts, this country offers so much more.

I mean, just look at the landscapes and mesmerizing waterfalls- who wouldn’t wanna make this place ‘HOME’?

2. New Zealand

new zealand- second country in global peace index

Yet another strong contender in terms of peace is the country- ‘New Zealand’. The beauty of this country is far from being hidden. And, practically anyone can go bonkers by just thinking to travel to this country– let alone shift here! But, the best part – this country ranks 2nd on the global peace index.

With so much chaos around the world in terms of war and uncertainty, New Zealand definitely appears to be unaffected. This beautiful and peaceful country has much more to offer. Are you ready?

3. Austria

Austria- third country in global peace index

This perfect example of European beauty hide wonders within itself! With mountain villages, the Alpine terrain and third ranking in terms of peace- this country is one of the best options if you love hills and nature. No wonder, the country doesn’t record any peace shattering incidents.

The best place to forget the rest of the world and get on a peaceful life. What are you waiting for??? 

4. Portugal

portugal- fourth country in global peace index

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This ocean-facing-dreamland is not only the most happening place but also ranks fourth in the global peace index. The majestic Algarve’s beaches, amazing weather and port wine cellars along with the satisfaction that- no crime would stress you out.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? I mean, you got beaches. You got wine…you got grilled sardines, do you need any more reasons?

5. Denmark

denmark- 5th country in GPI

The land of magical castles, royal palaces, harbors and the most iconic mermaid statue- Denmark. The Scandinavian country is home to several islands that add up to the magic in the air. And now, that it holds 5th position in the peace index, you have one more reason to fall in love with the place.

And oh….by the way – Did you know that the employment rate in Denmark is 70%!!! Now that’s like a cherry on top, right?

6. Canada

Canada- 6th country in GPI

Ranking 6th on the global peace index, Canada holds numerous other things which makes it a perfect place to relocate. This country is home to the majestic – Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains and is the second largest country in North America.

With the population under just 4 Crores, this country has all the boxes ticked right for you. But in the end, the choice is yours!

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7. Czech Republic

czech republic- 7th country in GPI

This Central European country is full of mesmerizing castles, native beers, and a long history. You won’t find anything ordinary and uninteresting here- that’s for sure. This medieval country has the most number of Gothic buildings and also offers you the best view of the Prague castle.

The 7th rank on the peace index is just an added factor to make anyone fall for the country. Don’t you think?

8. Singapore

Singapore- 8th country in GPI

Even though Singapore is a financial center, it doesn’t mean that it is boring.

This island holds a multi-cultural population and naturally, the effect is seen in the diverse cuisine it offers. Falling on the 8th rank in peace index, this country is definitely a place you can easily explore. On top of that, if you love cars, this place is heaven for you.

FYI- Singapore holds Grand Pix seasons and that too every year. Get ready to be dazzled once you set foot in this city. Remind you of ‘Tokyo Drift’?

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9. Japan

japan- 9th country in GPI

On the 9th rank is one of the fastest, busiest and smartest countries. It might surprise you, but Japan isn’t a country- it actually is a group of over 6,800 islands altogether. With cuisines like Sushi and drinks like sake- this country will blow your mind in every possible way.

Pssst….and if you love weird and creepy- Japan has a “suicide forest” Aokigahara, at the base of Mt. Fuji which is the second most popular place in the world for suicides. Ready to be creeped-out?

10. Ireland

ireland- tenth country in global peace index

The country that offers breath-taking landscapes and the world’s warmest welcome- Ireland. This beautiful place filled with ancient landscapes is sure to rejuvenate your senses like never before. Besides, you also get to explore the Irish cuisine which also includes the very famous ‘Irish Whisky’.

And the best part, this is the 10th most peaceful country. So you can ‘get high’….and still walk home safe! Aye!!

Now that you have the cheat-sheet for choosing the best pick, don’t think much!!

Chose your dream country and fly off to paradise. After all, these countries offer you beauty, culture, excitement and most importantly- PEACE. And that’s what you need the most in this world full of horrors, don’t you?

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