Gmail: How to Block Spam Emails, Delete Emails in Bulk, Unsubscribe?

Getting frustrated over a clogged Gmail inbox due to bulk spam emails? Don’t worry we all are. Spam emails always arrive in bulk, they block the inbox and acquire a large space and even make us miss an important email conversation. Furthermore, in the worst-case scenario, they make you a victim of phishing and potentially steal your sensitive information. So, now if you are thinking of deleting them one by one, then please note that a person receives 4-5 spam emails daily. And there will be hundreds of them now.

Gmail How to Block Spam Email

Deleting Cluster of Spam Emails From Gmail

There are some tricky ways with which you can either delete spam emails, unsubscribe to them or even filter them in bulk on Gmail.

Here’re the Steps to Block Spam Emails on Gmail.

  • First log in to your Gmail ID
  • Open the spam email you want to block.
  • Click on the ‘More’ option placed at the top of the email.
  • Next, click on ‘Block’. This will permanently block the sender of this email.
  • After being blocked all the emails will be automatically transferred to the spam folder.
  • However, if you have blocked someone by mistake then you can also unblock them in the same way.

Steps for Unsubscribing From Bulk Emails on Gmail

  • Login to your Gmail ID and access Inbox.
  • Now open the mail of a person or organisation you want to unsubscribe from.
  • Next, click on Unsubscribe mentioned just next to the sender’s name.
  • You can also choose to block the emails and mark them as spam yourself.
  • In the next few days, you will be unsubscribed.

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Using Gmail Filter to Detect or Shorten the List of Spam Emails

  • First, log in to your Gmail ID and open the inbox.
  • Open any spam mail which you have unsubscribed from.
  • Now select the three-dot menu from the top corner and select, “Filter messages like these”.
  • Then choose any action that you want for all the emails like “Delete it,” “Mark as spam,” “Mark as read,” or “Apply the label.
  • Tap on the ‘Create filter’ option and now you will use it in the future to filter spam emails.

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