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For people, who used to illegally smuggle liquor bottles when they came back from their Goa tour, it’s a brilliant news.

Apparently, Goa government wants to grant permission to tourists, so that they may be able to return with more than just the two bottles of liquor, which is currently permitted.

The Idea Behind This Decision

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While speaking in the Goa assembly, CM Pramod Sawant explained the whole idea behind this decision. With this permit, the Goa government is hoping to make a profit by allowing tourists to carry more liquor. As a matter of fact, this is something most tourists already do, but illegally.

The CM Said, ‘We want to give permits that allow carrying more than two bottles. Today, they are allowed to carry one bottle of IMFL (Indian-made Foreign Liquor) and one of the local liquor. We want to promote Goa liquor. Our revenue will also grow.’

Just so you know, Goa has an annual earning of around Rs. 500 crores from various excise charges which is mainly from the liquor sale. With this new decision, the earning would grow in the near future.

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“Feni” Will Soon Be Heritage Drink

 Liquor Bottles

You must have heard about the local drink of Goa, which is Feni- an alcoholic brew made out of cashew nuts. Well, now the government of Goa is trying to promote this drink by labeling it as a “heritage drink”.

But, it will only be possible if the two neighboring states, Karnataka and Maharashtra give their consent. Till then, you can rejoice with the fact that you can carry more liquor back to your friends who couldn’t join you on the Goa trip.

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 Liquor Bottles

  • Currently, there are 6,000 liquor vendors in Goa.
  • The price of liquor in Goa is lesser than the two neighboring states.
  • Goa Government want to give permits that allow carrying more than two bottles.

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