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Gong Goi Ghost Captured In Viral Video: Is This Video Even Real?

Spooky videos of ghosts always manage to pull people’s attention on the internet and it doesn’t take much for them to go viral.

Recently a new somewhat scary footage has surfaced and the internet is going crazy.

First uploaded on Facebook, the video shows a one-legged child with a white dress and long black hair, hopping along the side of a road in Thailand. The appearance of this hopping child resembles “Gong Goi” ghost from Thai mythology.

Gong Goi Ghost
The video was able to attract more than 4 million eyes and began a deep conversation over the internet. Chantha Sitouluk is the Facebook username who first uploaded this video. After watching the hops of this child many are convinced that this ghost is none other than “Gong Goi” itself.

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Watch the video, if you haven’t already:

In the video, you can see an apparition hopping on one leg by the side of the grassy field. The car is moving at a very slow speed and all you can hear is Thai music playing inside the car and the spirit repeating the words “gong goi, gong goi.”

The Gong goi is a mythological ghost that often appears in Asian mythological stories. For though, all of them represent this apparition in a different way. In Chinese, the spirit is called Gong Koi instead of Gong Goi and in Thai mythology, the spirit is called “Phi Hong Koi.”

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According to the beliefs of both the countries, this spirit of Gong Goi is actually a forest vampire. It sucks the blood out of the toes of travelers sleeping in the forest. According to these mythologies, the ghost has red hair but as we see in the video the hair of the hopping child is pure black.

The video certainly looks creepy and many people are talking about this Thai ghost. But in reality, this looks more like a person dressed in a white costume to scare people. Also, don’t forget Halloween is coming.


Ghost is a very peculiar topic. We don’t have much information on it and that’s why we get curious to know about them. Taking advantage of our curious minds, this fake video has gone viral and many people are discussing it.


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Tell us what you think? Do you think it is a pre-planned performance or do you believe it is “Gong Goi”?

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