Good News!! Now You Can Share All Your WhatsApp Statuses With Other Applications

WhatsApp is known as the popular messaging software allowing users to interact with their family and friends. WhatsApp status messages may be shared with other applications on both Android and iOS.

WhatsApp status is comparable to Facebook and Instagram stories, and the new feature will allow users to publish their status to Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and Google Photos in real-time.

Check the below-mentioned step-by-step instructions on how to share your WhatsApp status updates with other applications.

Step By Step Process For Sharing Your WhatsApp Status To Other Applications

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
Step 2: Next, click on ‘Status.’
Step 3: Create a status update in step three.
Step 4: Depending on whether you want to post a new or old status update, you have two sharing options:

  • Share the following new status update: Tap share under My status. Please remember that the Share button vanishes once you switch to another tab.
  • Share previous status updates: Tap ‘My Status’ on an iPhone or more for ‘My Status’ on an Android device. Tap Share next to the status update you want to share.

Step 5: Finally, select the app you wish to publish your status update.

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