Google Algorithm 2022 Upgrade! Change Your Seo Strategy

Organic Google Search Ranking is what we all want for our website because practically everyone uses Google as their primary search engine. Google Algorithm 2022 Updates picks up the websites with the best Content and SEO score to put on top of search results. Let’s discuss the details to get clicks and traffic to grow your online business.

Meaning of Google Algorithm

Meaning of Google Algorithm

Google algorithm in plain language is a system that it uses to retrieve information from the webspace when you type something in the search bar. It considers more than two hundred factors to determine which website will provide the information that the user is looking for. After which it displays results on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

You need to know that this system gets continuous updates and you need to keep up with the changes if you want to be relevant in the digital world. Google Core Algorithm Updates are more crucial as they impact your website the most. Every year during the beginning Google Algorithm rolls out Core Updates so that businesses can devise their SEO strategy.

Core Factors Considered By Algorithm

» Title Tags

Your title tag should contain your keywords and it should be of the correct length. It should be short and agile to seen by Google.

Title Tag

» Page Speed

Your website should be quick at loading; it will help you in getting a top position in SERP.

Page Speed

» Keywords

Choose your keywords wisely as it plays a very big impact. Your keywords should be relevant to the content and they should reflect the information your content carries.


» Optimized Content

Content is the key player in all this and it should have nice readability. You can get an edge on the presentation by putting up content that is easy to read and is pleasing to the eyes.

Optimized Content

» Meta Description

After Title Tag it is the most important part of your website. It is the first thing that a user will see. The meta description should reflect the content and you have to make it interesting for a user to make a click.

Meta Description

» Alt-Text

Many digital marketers miss out on the relevance of Image Alt Text. It should contain your keyword and should describe your content. This helps Google to understand the content of your page.


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SEO Strategy As Per Google Algorithm 2022 Updates

Let’s discuss how you should make your SEO Strategy in 2022. Read this information carefully as it will help you understand the new update brought by Google.

» Point Your Problems

Point Your Problems

Make sure that you are specifying topic problems and looking for related keywords. Go to good keyword search websites and find good keywords. But make sure that you are also giving answers to questions because ultimately user is present on your page to look for answers. If you will not present good content then it is possible that users will never land on your page even if it appears on SERP.

» Headline is Honey


You should spend a good amount of time considering what to write for Headline. Users click when they see interesting headlines. In a period of short span, attention users decide very quickly where they want to click.

» Key In Keywords

Key In Keywords

Make a set of keywords for each page and put important ones in a connected manner. Select keywords that have high search volume and make sure your keywords complement each other. Do not make your page clumsy because it may cause confusion.

» Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Add internal links to your page freely, but only to the extent where it makes sense. They give you a better rank and if you have linked the right pages users might click on them and give you more clicks. Users get to see more content and you get more business. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.


Read this article again and make notes of the important elements discussed above. You also have to check the URL Structure and page speed. If these two things are in place along with On-Page SEO then you will have a good ranking in SERP.

The competition in the market is growing every day. There are billions of websites that are showcasing the same content, discussing the same problems. But remember that not everybody knows how to do things rightly. Become those handfuls of businesses that take their digital strategy seriously and do it well.

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