Google Introduced AI-Enhanced Image Generation Feature to Google Slides

The technology master “Google” has introduced an AI-Enhanced Image Generation Feature to Google Slides. The “Help Me Visualise” feature in Google Slides allows its users to create various backgrounds and graphics for various presentation projects. This new feature was introduced for the first time in the month of May at Google I/O 2023.

To start using the new feature you need to first look for the “Help Me Visualise” in the panel on the Google Slides where you can add and enter the command for using the feature. Please keep in mind that the feature is being gradually rolled out to desktop users. It may not be available to all users at this time. 

How to Use the New AI-Powered Slides Feature

To begin, you must join Google Workspace Labs and accept the terms and conditions. Use the “Help me visualize” prompt in Google Slides to generate visuals using artificial intelligence. You may, for example, ask Google Slides to generate a picture of a picnic or an abstract artwork.

After entering the question, you have six render options to pick from photography, clip art, background, flat lay, and illustration. Meanwhile, Google Meet has begun to support viewer mode. Viewers are meeting attendees who are unable to share audio or video into the conference. Attendees who are leading, presenting, or moderating a meeting might be designated as co-hosts and contributors.

When utilizing Google Meet for big meetings, such as webinars or town halls, identifying guests as “viewers” reduces possible meeting distractions, such as audio interruptions. It also keeps participants focused on the speaker and the substance of your conference.

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