Google Map Adds Toll Prices, Sum Up The True Cost Of Your Road Trip

Google Map is built for the convenience of travellers, it enriches you with the exact information you need to make your trip successful. Travelling to unknown cities and locations had never been so easy as it is now since the arrival of Google Maps. Such precise information tells its users like warnings of traffic jams using different coloured paths, road closures, shortest routes with alternatives to reach the destination and even can search for environmental friendly paths for the users. But one thing that was missing and continuously responsible for our miscalculations for journey costing is Tolls. It is not that tolls were not visible through Google Maps, only the prices were missing which makes our journey costlier.

Google Map

Google Map Now Shows Toll Prices

Last summer we discovered some evidence that showed us that Maps were working on detailed toll data. And this April Google finally announced an update being developed that will provide us with this feature. The company reported that the toll data will start appearing in a detailed form and we will be able to check the toll prices. And last week the reports of the same started scattering online and we witnessed the feature ourselves. Today, Google glimpsed us the detailed toll info that will show us every information we need.

Users of the US, India, Japan, and Indonesia will be able to get the updated feature first and will get to experience the details. And Google Maps also asserted that other countries will get the update soon. The new feature is only accessible on the Google Maps applications installed on Android and IOS devices. We are yet to know that the update is going to be released for the web version.

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There are a few limitations that you must know first, and I hope that they will be eradicated by the company soon. Maps don’t show the tolls from every individual road, and thus, calculate the complete route at once. We also came to know that Map says that calculations are “estimates based on toll pass rates.” charges may vary according to the type of vehicle a person uses and these calculations are provided on an average basis, as reported.

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