Quick Tips for Using Google Meet’s Hand Detection Feature

Google Meet Workplace is introducing a new feature that can recognize hand motions. The new Google Meet hand raise gesture feature is one of the platform’s most interesting innovations, allowing users to physically raise their hand and the program will instantly inform attendees that they wish to talk. 

Simply making your hands visible to the device’s camera will cause it to identify that you are raising your hand. Learn more about the Google Meet hand gesture functionality by clicking here.

Google Meet Hand Gesture Detection Feature

Previously, attendees had to hit the hand raise icon to talk during the meeting. Users will now just need to physically raise their hands, and Google Meet will identify your movements using the gesture detection function.

According to Google, make sure your hand is appropriately positioned in front of the camera and away from your face and body. Additionally, users must keep their hands lifted for a few seconds for the function to work.

It should be noted that the hand raise gesture recognition feature in Google Meet does not operate for the active speaker. When you are no longer a speaker, the function will automatically resume. Isn’t it cool? 

All workspace options, including Business Plus, Business Standard, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Plus, Enterprise Standard, and others, have access to the new Google Meet functionality. Furthermore, the gesture option is disabled by default in the Meet, so users must enable it in the settings. Simply choose More Alternatives then touch on after that click Reaction and then enable the Hand Raise Gesture function.

With the gesture function, users will no longer have to sit near to their mouse to activate the hand-raise symbol; instead, they will just raise their hand in front of the camera. The functionality was formally launched on November 21, and the gradual distribution will begin on November 28, 2023.

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