Google Search Launches 4 New Tools for Fact-Checking and Source Verification

Significant improvements have been brought about by Google’s latest upgrades, which have strengthened application optimization and included a ton of new functionality. As part of these upgrades, Google has released four new alternatives for its online search engine to enable consumers to learn more about any given topic and understand its primary context.

Furthermore, Google has added further language options to two already-existing features: “About this image” and “About this page,” which are now accessible in 40 languages combined.

Google’s Recent Products

1. Expanded Insights With “More About This Page”

Thousands of websites are displayed on the results page when visitors submit a query into Google’s search box. Some are well-known, while others could make people unhappy because of their unfamiliarity, making them cautious to click on potentially suspicious links.

Google has added the “About this result” option, which can be accessible through the three-dot menu adjacent to a webpage, to tackle this issue. Users who choose this option learn more about a website before visiting it.

There are currently forty languages available in which you can find detailed information about websites: Hindi, Bengali, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

2. Deep Research Facilitated By “Fact-Check Explorer “

Another tool in Google’s toolbox is the Fact-Check Explorer, which helps users examine a topic or image in-depth. Users only need to copy and paste the picture URL into the Fact-Check Explorer, and the results will appear quickly.

3. Verification Made Easy With ” Fact-Checking Option “

Google has released a new tool designed to help people find what’s real among the many rumours that circulate on the internet. In the middle of the abundance of false information, Google gives users the ability to double-check any claim.

“We make it simple to locate online fact checks that unbiased, reliable sources have published. Google said in an official statement that “you might see a preview for a fact-check article appear in your search results if it is relevant to your query.”

4. Insights Into Images With “About This Image”

Users may use this feature by clicking the three dots that appear next to any image in the Google Images results. It offers other capabilities like Image History, Online Usage, and Details for a thorough examination, enabling users to closely examine the image’s origin and background.

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