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How Is Excessive Google Search Ruining Your Life?

We have become a “Google generation”. Google is one place where we look for the answers the moment we are stuck. Whether its finding symptoms of a disease or gathering information for our projects.

Even learning something new has been made feasible by google. You don’t have to go to any physical classes to learn.

It is likely you will find every big or small detail in google-mata. Things have surely become more convenient with easy access, no doubt.


Have you ever thought how far we have come from using our own creativity and our own ideas without leaning upon the crutches handed over to us by Google.

The obsession with Google has touched a point where we feel handicapped without google constantly whispering into our ears.

We have brought you some examples of how Google is ruining your life as a person and hurting your individuality:

1. Not everything you find on google is hundred percent true

Minion whaat

Barring some expert websites, everything you find on google is posted by normal people. Maybe it’s their own experiences or they have heard from somewhere. But since everyone is different, you cannot possibly gauge that what worked for Neil in Africa will work for you too.

2. You are dependable on google for new ideas


The moment you got your assignment or a new project, you turn to google for assistance. There are a thousand ideas floating around and you just pick one and work on it. Without pausing to think, that its stale. Used numerous time.

Remember those good ol’ days we used to brainstorm and search for unique methods and it sharpened not only our memory but enhanced our creativity as well.

3. Health and information related to diseases aren’t accurate and sometimes even exaggerated

So much cancer

So, you are having a shooting sharp pain in your heels and the first thing you do is google about it. You find different answers some of which suggest you have a heel cancer.  You start panicking and began thinking how you are going to die now.

See how a wrong information brought a state of paranoia for you. It’s better to see your doctor who will tell you how common it is and is certainly not cancerous.

4. Alienating people because you think you have no use of them since now you have google.


You don’t have to keep in touch with your teacher, or your coach or even your doctor all the time, because, well, everything you want is right there on your phone. Why bother keeping healthy relations with people.

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5. Ruining your relationship with people who are professionals by questioning everything they do, since you think you know a lot about it


Your lawyer is telling you the laws during the divorce, but dare you heed his advice. You think you already know all this and more because even google informed you as much, why pay the greedy lawyer or doctor for the repetitive information.

And sometimes you even question if they are misleading you, since you read something entirely different on google.

6. Making your kids addictive to google as well

kid immersed in phone

We are teaching our kids to use google for everything as well. Since you don’t want to look like a fool in front of them, you search for answers on google if they ask you a question and become their hero.

But in the process, even they learnt to find solutions on google.

Beware, for they might start looking for solutions to their personal problems on google as well. That’s what started the viral trends of these deadly games and challenges in the first place.

Raise kids not robots.

7. Relying on google’s method of cooking sometimes ruins your dinner

will smith did not like food

You find a mouth-watering recipe on google which claimed easy to be made. There is no guarantee if anyone has even attempted the dish before. You end up ruining your dinner that night, thanks to the wrong info on google. Talking from the personal experience here.

8. Google is an addiction, which is not easy to shrug off


Like every other social platform, even Google is extremely addictive. Once an addict always an addict to google. And we are not exaggerating here. See for yourself, try ditching google for a day or two and you will know how right we are.

9. Searching solutions on google instead of taking quick actions in time of emergencies may increase the trouble you are in

banging keyboard

This is a threatening position and people are becoming stupid enough to turn to google for answers in times of emergencies like stomach aches or ear infections.

Please do not attempt so-called home remedies without a right diagnosis just because some women on some platform are suggesting that. See the doctor if you don’t want to lose your hearing.

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10. Google is making you stupid by ruining your memory

funny door window

A study conducted by Betsy Sparrow in Columbia suggests that excessive use of google is even destroying our capability to memorize. Our brain is slowly getting accustomed to not working hard to memorize stuff because it is now instilled in our brains that the internet knows everything.

Well, the internet is not going to help you write your exam lads.

In Conclusion:

Most of the information posted on google is by people like us. There is no authentication process which can certify the material posted on google.

It’s free, it’s open to every Tom, Dick, and Harry and it’s harmful to let your life be derived by a stupid search engine. You can even compare google with neighborhood aunties who spread Chinese whispers which are only 10 percent true.

Well, if you still decide to rely upon Google for every little and big thing in your life, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


I am a hip-hop music lover and I am passionate about writing rhymes. I prefer listening to music over movies any day. I do possess expert knowledge on content & influencer marketing and have helped some popular brands. I spend me time with memes (reading and creating both).

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