Google Update: New Pitch Black ‘Dark Mode’

Dark Mode Goes Pitch Black With New Google Update

As noticed by 9to5Google, after months of testing now Google announces the new pitch-black Dark Mode. Only a few selected users can have the access to the update as a part of testing on the Google Search web version. The official launch is also not so far now. The article shows the new update of the pitch-black theme with a google search screenshot. Before this update, the dark mode was a grey shade, for the comfort to highlight the text. If you are using a dark mode on your browsers like opera, chrome, safari etc, the dark mode has a grey shade but not a pitch black. But I think that most users will still use the existing grey shade ‘Dark Mode’ because of the low contrast ratio.

Dark Mode Goes Pitch Black With New Google Update

Google announces the new update on Twitter by posting a video, showing the new dark side of google search. The post says “Welcome to the dark side. Introducing Dark theme, available on desktop, mobile and everywhere you search.”

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Dark Mode is Always in Demand

Even though the ‘Gray Shade’ provide more contrast ratio, the users were still demanding the darker version means complete ‘Black Shade’. This new rollout brings a stunning effect for the users having high-end hardware devices like OLED screens. The most scientific reason for the love of dark mode is that it saves the battery consumption for the devices having OLED or AMOLED displays. Also, dark mode relieves the stress that bright colours put on our eyes.

It is still not clear which elements of the google search will get access to the new pitch-black dark mode. As this testing dark mode cause the links on the search page to change their colours.

How to use the Dark Mode in different browsers like Google Chrome, Edge, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and many similar ones?

  • Open your Web Brower
  • Click on the three vertical lines to go to the settings
  • Choose the option ‘Appearance’
  • Select Dark Theme and save.

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