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Gorakhnath Temple Attack, Murtaza Abbasi’ Confession

Gorakhnath Temple Attack

A ‘confession’ Video is going viral on social media of a man who is allegedly responsible for the Gorakhnath Temple Attack. The Incident took place last week when Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi is the head priest.

Gorakhnath Temple Attack

A 1 minute and 49 seconds long video of a 29-year-old IIT graduate Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi is not verified by government officials or released by the police. Video shows the alleged man having a conversation with two or more people who are off-camera. And it appears that the video was shot on the incident day when he was taken for treatment after arrest.

Murtaza Justified His Actions

Trying to justify his actions of Gokarnath Temple attack, Murataza blamed the Government for the CAA-NRC and Karnataka Hijab issue. Said these conflicting issues have affected him intensely.

Murtaza Justified His Actions

In the viral video of the attack which took place at 7 PM on Sunday, Abbasi was seen having a machete in his hand and lunging towards the policeman outside the temple. And nearby shopkeepers were also trying to detain him. Then a group of people including security guards throw rocks at him maintaining their distance and finally being able to pin him down.

A video by Live Hindustan will show the glimpse of incident.

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As Per Government

Police said, “Murtaza Abbasi graduated from the prestigious IIT-Bombay in 2015”. Per Uttar Pradesh government handed over the case to the “Anti-Terror Squad of the UP police” after suspecting the terror angle in the attack.

Face-Off Between Akhilesh Yadav And BJP

Yesterday at the press conference the chief of the Samajwadi Party contested the terror angle investigation and said the man needs treatment for his mental health.

He said, “ His father said he has a psychiatric problem, dealing with bipolar issues, I feel we need to pay heed to that as well (for probe)… The BJP is a party that exaggerates.”

BJP leaders were not impressed by his statement. And Mr Maurya said to ANI, “Akhilesh Yadav Ji & Samajwadi Party has always been linked to terrorists. He took back cases during the 2013 terrorism attacks… the Gorakhnath temple attack is not ordinary, it was very serious. I condemn his attempts to boost the morale of terrorists Samajwadi Party will become ‘Samapt’ party.”

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