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GOT Season 8 Trailer Reveals A Lot , Here Are 7 Things That You Might Have Missed

The trailer of Game of Thrones Season 8 is out now and it’s every bit EPIC.

Fans across the globe have been patiently counting days for the trailer release. And finally, after first looks, teasers and motion posters, the real trailer is out.

The trailer says it all, or does it?

Though the trailer doesn’t reveal everything that fans are about to witness in the final season of game of thrones, it does reveal a lot about the upcoming events. From confirming the epic face-off between the army of white walkers and the army of living, it also shows a glimpse as to how season 8’s plot would advance.

Here are 7 really important things that were shown in GOT season 8 trailer

And just so you know, these revelations might just be the crucial twists that you will witness throughout the season. (So, don’t blame me later that I gave you spoilers)

1. Arya is scared

GOT season 8

Yes, it is after so long that our badass Arya stark is running for her life. Everyone knows that after being trained by the faceless men, she turned into a powerful ninja assassin kinda girl who really can have a face-off with anything. But then, the trailer shows Arya running away (shit-scared I might add).

This seems odd and interesting at the same time because usually, she isn’t scared of any shit, right? And the fact that she as killed people single-handedly proves that either she is running away from white walkers or something even more sinister.

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2. Lord Vayrs could be a faceless man

GOT season 8 lord varys

Yeah, you might just think its bonkers, but hear me out. In the trailer, the moment Arya says, ‘Death has many faces’, it pans out to halt on the face of Lord Varys. Moreover, he is shown hiding in the crypts along with several women and children. Which is again strange.

However, if you think about the previous seasons, Lord Varys had always been mysterious with his ways, actions and especially travels. He uses odd ways to get his work done and has contacts that you can never imagine. So, could he be a faceless man? He surely fits the profile.

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3. The golden army is led by a Trageryan bastard

GOT season 8 golden army

With numerous speculations going on about who the mysterious man on the ship of the golden army is, one thing stands out. The sword, which is highly ornamented and is identified as ‘Blackfyre’. The long lost valerian steel sword of House Targaryen that now belongs to Harry Strickland, the leader of the Golden Company.

According to the GOT facts, Blackfyre was the sword that belonged to Aegon the Conqueror and was stolen by Bittersteel (who was the founder/owner of Golden company and bastard of King Aegon IV Targaryen). It looks like Harry Strickland now posses the sword which was definitely passed on to him by the previous golden company commander.

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4. The golden army might ditch Cersei and fight white walkers

GOT season 8 golden army

Ok, so as far as the history of golden army goes, it was actually founded by one of the Targaryen bastards, Bittersteel. And yes, as he stole ‘Blackfyre’ when he left. So, it might be possible that instead of joining Cersai, the golden army might just end up backing John and Dany.

And because the valerian steel sword has the power to kill white walkers, it is possible that the army uses its force and might to defeat the Night King. Also, the trailer focused a lot on the sword as it was meant to stand out. So, chances are that Blackfyre will have some special task in season 8.

5. Winter hasn’t hit kings landings yet

GOT season 8 kings landing

At the end of the last season, it appeared that winter has almost reached Kings Landing, but in the trailer of season 8, it shows otherwise. Cersai can be seen standing with Qyburn and her army. Looks like she is waiting for the golden army to reach Kings landing.

However, the point to be noted is that snow is nowhere to be found. And it seems that winter hasn’t reached Kings landing yet. Also, it looks like summertime with Lannister banners being hoisted on the walls.

6. Cersei might have lost something

GOT season 8 cersei

Another spoiler which is shown in the trailer of season 8 is Cersei drinking and crying at the same time. Now, it could be anything. She might have lost her child or known that the golden army has ditched her, or it could be both.

After all, in the last season, she was shown avoiding wine because she was pregnant. Now, she has grief on her face and it seems like she is drinking to calm down her senses or just overcome some kind of feeling. Whatever it is, it’s going to nasty, that’s for sure.

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7. Hound isn’t afraid of fire anymore

GOT season 8 hound

Every GOT fan knows how scared Hound is of fire. He always maintains a hell lot of distance from fire, but this time it’s different. He is standing so close to a fire and is looking at the flames with the same intent Lady Melisandre used to.

The gaze and intimate looks on his face clearly portray that he isn’t afraid of fire anymore. So, has he become the new favorite of the Lord of fire? Will Hound be resurrected by him whenever he dies? It sure seems that something has changed in him.

In Conclusion:

It is sure that GOT season 8 is going to be epic and legendary. The last scene ends with the entry of Night King on his horse as the camera pans and stops on two hooves. Its the night King’s horse standing against the mortal army. The largest battle is finally here and fans are literally counting days for the April 14th to arrive.

There are going to be 6 episodes in the last season of GOT. But don’t loose hopes, each episode is going to be at least 2 hours long and is well crafted. So, the long wait is justified.

Brace yourselves for a power pact entrainment and get ready for Game of Thrones season 8. It’s almost here!!

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