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Government Announces ‘Corona Alert’ Asks To Share Information

With the global rise of coronavirus now making quick inroads in India, the authorities have come in action. After 2 Indians and 1 Italian were reported positive for the virus the government has started to take serious steps.

Yesterday the government announced a ‘Corona Alert’ to spread the information. The state-run broadcasting channel Doordarshan shared the video clips in this regard. The short videos carry a message for the masses.

One of the clips shows a person entering the hospital while coughing. He asks the fro\nt desk that he is here to be diagnosed for Coronavirus. All the others in the hospital start to applaud him. The idea that the video promotes is that those with symptoms must come forward for tests.

In another clip, a person in public transport is shown sneezing and putting a handkerchief in front of his mouth. Others on board applauded his effort. Here the idea promoted is that you must cover your face.

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The basic symptoms of coronavirus as highlighted in the alert are:

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  • Cough
  • Fever

The government has also said that there is nothing to panic about. A helpline is also launched for the coronavirus the number of which is: +91-11-23978046. The helpline was launch in the month of January by the government. So, far 6 cases of the virus have been confirmed in India.

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