Government Announces New Star Ratings For ACs, Details Inside -

Government Announces New Star Ratings For ACs, Details Inside

The energy rating rules for ACs are likely to be changed by the government. New rules will be effective from July 1, 2022. The new ratings will be provided by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Read on to find out how it will impact manufacturers and consumers.

Star Rating For ACs

Government Announces New Star Ratings For Air Conditioners

The star rating for an air conditioner is a parameter to measure energy efficiency. These ratings are provided by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. It is an agency under the ministry of power created in 2002. It aims at the increasing use of efficient energy in the nation. The rating determines the power required by the air conditioner to run properly. The basis of these ratings is EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio which is a grading system introduced by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. This rating system is made for appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators.

What Will Be The New ACs Ratings?

The energy efficiency of an AC is calculated on the average performance based on temperatures outdoors which are between 24 degrees to 43 degrees celsius. Post these ratings, the ratings for the existing ACs will decrease by one star. These ratings will be different for window AC and Split AC.

What About The Prices?

The cost of air conditioners will increase by 7-10% as the manufacturing cost will be affected. The manufacturers will have to make changes to increase the airflow, and surface area of copper tubes. The ratings for refrigerators will remain the same for this year. Manufacturers have said that it won’t be an easy deal for them to make ACs as per the new rating standards.

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The above changes were supposed to be regulated and announced in January 2022 but were done later due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The new ratings announced will be applicable till 2024 and next will be changed in 2025.

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