Guidelines Issued By IRCTC When Travelling By Train At Night

We have some good news if you frequently use or travel by train and worry about things like other passengers chatting loudly, leaving their lights on all night, listening to music over speakers, or even speaking loudly. If you frequently use the train at night for travel, these issues won’t be an issue for you any longer. 

For passengers riding trains at night, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has issued new regulations. The introduction of these new rules is intended to guarantee that all passengers are traveling comfortably and conveniently. The following rules must be followed by passengers who board the train at night after 10:00 p.m.

Rules For Passengers Boarding Train After 10 PM

  • No traveler is permitted to use their cell phone and speak loudly when seated in a seat, cabin, or coach.
  • Without earbuds, no passenger can listen to their music on the train at a loud volume.
  • After 10 p.m., passengers are not permitted to leave their lights on. But they can make use of the nightlight.
  • It is not appropriate to smoke, drink, or engage in any other behavior that is not socially acceptable on the train.
  • The Indian Railways prohibits and strictly enforces the prohibition on carrying explosives inside trains.
  • After 10 p.m., group passengers on the train are not permitted to interact.
  • After 10 p.m., food in train online services are not permitted to provide food. However, e-catering services allow travelers to order their meals or breakfast while on the train.
  • If a middle berth passenger requests to open their seat, lower berth passengers are not permitted to object. Passengers in middle berths are allowed to sleep in their berths from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
Rules For Passengers Boarding Train After 10 PM

Rules for Train Staff

  • Passengers’ tickets may not be checked by a traveling ticket examiner (TTE) after 10 p.m.
  • If a person has a complaint about another passenger, train workers should be there to help.
  • In the event that travelers miss their trains, the TTE can only assign their seats to other travelers an hour later or after passing through the following two stops.

What Happens If The Passengers Don’t Abide By The Rules?

IRCTC has said that any passenger found breaking any of the regulations at night would be subject to strict actions and measures, along with the set of new restrictions. These new rules will undoubtedly make your future train travel and journey more enjoyable. Also prioritizing the safety of the customers.

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