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Breaking 7 Gun Myths Hollywood Almost Made Us Believe Were Real

After watching movies like, Jame Bond, Hitman, Rambo, Die Hard or any other action series that involves a gun fight, I started to believe that I know a lot about guns.

For instance, I used to think a suppressor (gun silencer) is the best accessory that you add to your gun and it’ll help you to take out your target silently.

Unfortunately, that’s a lie Hollywood has taught us. But, it is not the only lie that they have taught us. So, today here I’m helping you to break those gun myths Hollywood taught us.

1. Unlimited Ammo

gun myths hollywood

In movies, we don’t see our hero changing mags or counting their bullets. While in a first-person-shooting game and in real life, bullets don’t come cheap. Every gun can only hold a limited number of rounds. Most of the assault rifles like AK47 or M16 can carry 30 rounds per magazine. While many smaller weapons like pistols can carry 13 to 32 rounds per magazine.

Still, our heroes never get worried about their weapons. It is one of the most cliched gun myths Hollywood shows in almost every action movie.

2. The concept of recoil

gun myths hollywood

The backward force that comes when the bullet leaves the barrel of the gun is termed as recoil. Technically, when our hero shoots the gun, he should experience some recoil. But directors might have forgotten to apply the concept of recoining in their prop guns.

There are a number of funny videos on the internet, that are showing the concept of recoil in real life people.

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3. Don’t drop it or it’ll go off

gun myths hollywood

So many times in the movies, we have seen gun shooting on their own, if someone drops it on the ground. This scene from the movie “True Lies” where Jamie Lee Curtis drops a MAC-10 down a staircase and murders half a Guantanamo worth of enemy combatants, this is what I’m talking about. In real life, our modern guns are not that fragile. So don’t worry, if you drop it on the ground accidentally.

I’ve dropped mine a couple of time and it never goes off on its own. LOL.

4. Cars are the best place to take cover

gun myths hollywood

During a gang shootout, we have often seen people taking cover behind their cars and car doors, to make sure bullets can’t hit them. But in reality, this is not a very good spot to take cover. Car panels are made with the thin sheet of metal which can’t stop a bullet shot. So, if you think you can save yourself by taking cover behind the car, I would like you to think again.

What you see in movies, are just some gun myths Hollywood uses.

5. The magic of bulletproof vest


Well it depends, bulletproof can actually save your life, but not every time. Yes, body armors can stop a bullet but it depends on the size of the bullet. The bulletproof vest that you can wear under your shirt can provide good protection against handguns. But, even till today, there is no vest developed that can provide complete protection against gun shoots.

Body armours might sound like a safe plan but they don’t work always.

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6. Guns with a silencer it the best choice

gun myths hollywood

When assassins have to take down their target silently, they attach a gun silencer to their guns. This helps them to hide the sound of their gunshot so the assassin can take out the target silently. But in reality, it doesn’t work like that, though gun silencers can hide the sound of a gunshot and people can still hear it.

So, you can drop the plan to murder someone without anyone knowing as silencers don’t work as they show in movies.

7. Guns can explode things

gun myths hollywood

Not just in movies but in many games as well, guns can be used to explode cars by shooting at their fuel tanks. Although a bullet does cause a spark on the impact, it is not strong enough to cause the explosion. Also, car manufacturers have made sure that it won’t be that easy for a bullet to blow up a car.

So, there is no way you can shoot and blow off a car. Drop the idea.

In Conclusion:

Firearms are the ultimate weapons and most of us only know about them from movies. But now, I think you have learned something from this article. Movies are not real, these gun myths Hollywood uses are just a few examples of it.

Comment if you think I’ve missed something!

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