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Why Is Gurmeet Ram Rahim Trending Today That Too As #MessiahOfHumanity

It was a fine day, started with normal routine of getting stuck in morning traffic. After reaching office, I went to the pantry  and made myself a usual dip dip ‘ilaichi chai’

I came back to my desk and opened twitter to catch upon the trending news.

One of the tweet was outshining all the other ones today.


I couldn’t hold myself from clicking it ….and WALLAH what did I see

Gurmeet Ram Rahim plastered all over my laptop screen.

My eyes popped out when I read this


The last news I heard, he was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment with charges of rapes. Maybe few things would have changed from then as it usually happens in India in case of famous persons and celebrities. But I couldn’t find anything like that.

Possible that his ‘bhakts’ are missing him as they haven’t seen him from a couple of months. He must have come to their dream the last night and thus they chose to remember him today on twitter all at once.

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Well, as an outcome Gurmeet Ram Rahim is trending nationally right now on Twitter.

ViralBake Telegram

To my knowledge it was Dr. KS Radhakrishnan

Where does all of this happen, in his ‘Gufa’, right?

While I was going through the tweets, I was unable to create a balance between what his followers were saying and what court convicted him for.

Her mom who is 70 years old has resumed the position of Ram Rahim to run the Dera and usually meets once a week with the devotees. For me, it is extremely shocking to think how could someone still have followers and worshipers after committing heinous crime like rape.

Certainly, I have no idea what is happening in this world anymore.

Government has banned both the accounts linked to Ram Rahim in response to a legal demand.

Ram Rahim banned twitter account Ram Rahim banned twitter account

How do you feel about these spiritual gurus who claim themselves as close to god? Share with us in comments.


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