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Gurugram: Woman Thrashed Toll Employee On Being Denied Free Passage

Toll tax plazas have always been considered as a spot where fights outbreak.

There have been many cases where some or the other person wants to pass without paying the toll tax. Most of the times its a man, but this time the story is a bit different.

thrashed toll employee

Where did it happen?

The incident occurred at the kherki toll plaza. According to the reports, the entire matter had escalated over an expired pass. A woman accompanied by a man drove over in a car and presented an expired pass to the toll employee.

thrashed toll employee

On knowing that the pass has expired, they wanted the toll employee to recharge it.

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The employee named, Sony informed them that even if she recharges the pass, it won’t get updated instantly. She then requested her to pay cash this one time and she can recharge the card for future use. Soon, the man inside the car started using obscene language and arguing with the employee.

How did the women react?

thrashed toll employee

This made the women inside the car furious too and she started abusing her. Not just this, she got out of the car and thrashed toll employee by getting her hands inside the toll window. Meanwhile, the employees around tried to stop the fight, but even they couldn’t calm her down. They too were pushed aside by the furious woman. Another female employee even stated that she scratched her with her nails while she was trying to save her friend.

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Was the police informed?

The police were informed and a formal complaint was launched against the woman. According to the authorities, they will soon take her under arrest. Thanks to the installed CCTV camera which captured the entire event. The investigating team has taken the evidence and soon will make sure that justice is served.

Watch the entire video here:

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In Conclusion:

It’s a shame that educated people get into a brawl over such puny things and think that they are doing the right thing. Thrashing a toll employee when she was just doing her job definitely wasn’t ethical. Moreover, if the woman could afford driving a car, she could have very well afforded to pay cash at the toll, couldn’t she?

It’s lame on her part that she chose to make such a fuss about it and ended up putting herself in so much trouble. I hope now she gets some brains and doesn’t repeat the same stunt in the future.

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