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Avoid Making These 5 Deadly Hair Care Mistakes This Summer

All of you shampoo your hair regularly, but the question is, do you do it correctly?

Few know that it is essential to comb your hair prior to shampooing. In simple terms, the function of shampoo is to cleanse your scalp thoroughly. So, if your hair is tangled, shampoo won’t reach the roots properly and you end up applying twice the amount.

Which is why it is important to apply the shampoo on the roots of your tangle free hair as it gets absorbed better. However, do not apply too much shampoo as it shall eventually result in loss of moisture from your strands.

1. Say no to towel 

hair care mistakes towel for drying hair

It is a complete no to dry your hair with a towel. Most of us tie a towel on the head after a hair wash, but it should be completely avoided. Hair is most prone to breakage while they are wet. It is better to dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt rather than using a damp towel, but there’s nothing like letting your hair dry naturally.

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2. Comb your hair in the right manner

hair care mistakes not combing hair right way

Combing your hair too much can make your hair overstressed and prone to breakage. It is always advised to not comb your hair instantly after washing. Let your hair dry and then only use a comb with wide teeth. Also, begin combing from the ends and steadily keep moving upwards.

3. Less use of styling products

hair care mistakes styling-hair too much

Blow dryers, flat irons, curling rods are our rescue to all the parties and events. But these heat generating styling tools cause the hair to lose fluid and eventually make them dull, rough and brittle. It is always advised to minimize the use of these products and set the temperature to its minimum. Also, always apply a heat protectant before styling your hair.

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4. Tie your hair when you sleep

hair care mistakes not tying hair

It is very important that you tie your hair when you sleep. Make a loose braid as this shall prevent your hair from tangling and getting frizzy. Not tying your hair increases hair fall. Make a loose bun before you hit the bed as it will keep your hair intact and won’t annoy you when you toss and turn on your bed while sleeping.

5. Delaying your hair cut

hair care mistakes delaying haircut

Most of us keep postponing our haircut for months. In order to have damage-free hair, you should strictly follow a haircut schedule and it is always advised to go for a trim every three months. A regular trim ensures that your split ends do not grow further and ensures that your hair is healthy.

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