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5 Hair Dryer Life Hacks You Should Already Know About

When it comes to style your hair, the first thing that came to mind is a hair dryer. Without it, you won’t be able to add that extra puff to your hair.

Many people don’t know but there is a lot that you can do with a hair dryer. It can be used to solve a lot of your problems at home.

Here are the best 5 hair dryer life hacks that you should know about.

1. No sticky stickers on the shelf

hair dryer life hacks

Kids love stickers, especially superhero stickers. They put them everywhere, on their lunch box, bag, a wall of your living room, on the fridge doors and so many more places. All these stickers make your house look shabby. As it is hard to take them off, they get half torn and peeling of the rest is just not very convenient. Well, now it is, just blows dry some hot air with your hair dryer and they will peel off without any residue.

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2. Remove spilt wax

hair dryer life hacks

Maybe you are preparing for a candlelight dinner, or its just the problem of power down in your colony. Cadle is the only thing that can illuminate your surrounding amidst of all blackout. But with the candles comes spilt wax and you know how hard it is to remove wax marks from carpet and any other piece of clothing. Luckily you can use the hair dryer, with its hot air, wax can be melted so that you can wipe it off in one go.

3. Clean your laptop keyboard

hair dryer life hacks

Dust can easily get inside the keyboard of your laptop. This becomes more certain if you love to eat while working on the laptop. This might not give you any hard time at first. But with dust stuck beneath the keys, they can stop responding anytime. This is one of the main issues with the modern keyboards of Macbook. This will make you go to the repair shop and get it fixed. Sometimes it can take time. Luckily there is an easy solution. Just use the hair dryer to blow of the heat.

*This method also works in case you have spilt liquid on your laptop.*

4. Steam iron your clothes

hair dryer life hacks

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In case of emergency and emergency only you can use your hair dryer to remove wrinkles from your clothes. To do so simply hand your clothes and sprinkle some water on it. Then start your dryer at maximum heat and let it work for you. In a minute your dress will be all dried up and will look wrinkle free.

5. Remove the t-shirt print

hair dryer life hacks

People love minimalism but sometimes it is so hard to find a plain black t-shirt of a sweatshirt. Because all of them are covered with big brand logos or some other graphic design. Well, you can make a DIY plain black t-shirt at home with a vinyl printed t-shirt. Just blow some hot air over the design (or logo) and peel it off for a more minimalistic look.

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In conclusion:

These are some of the coolest and the easiest hair dryer life hacks that you should know about. Spilt wax or stubborn sticker you know how to deal with it.

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