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Why Is The State Surveillance Unit Denying The Ongoing Health Issues In Bengaluru?

Bengaluru is facing hidden issues related to this disease for the past few months.

Why do we say it is hidden? Because the state surveillance unit denies any such ongoing health problem in the city.

On the contrary, the health professionals and the hospitals in the city claim that they have been receiving cases related to hand-foot-mouth infection. This ailment falls under the category of communicable diseases and has been on the rise since the last few months.

foot and mouth disease

What do the doctors say about it?

According to the doctors, the number of cases they attend to each day has increased by leaps and bounds within the last month. Earlier it was limited to fewer cases, but since last month they have been getting 8 to 10 of such cases on a daily basis.

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What is this disease?

The doctors claim that this disease looks more like an epidemic which is caused by the seasonal change. The culprit is Coxsackie A virus which is airborne and causes a viral infection. It can easily be transferred from one person to other.

foot and mouth disease

School going children can easily get affected, which is why doctors are advising parents not to send their kids to school for the time being. It can also be contracted through direct contact. So, they recommend washing hands thoroughly before any food consumption.

What are the effects of this viral infection?

According to the experts, this airborne viral infectious disease can cause fever, blisters, and rashes, fluid-filled bumps on the knee, elbow, palm, mouth and inside the genital region.

foot and mouth disease

Thankfully, it is a self-eliminating disease which means that eventually the blisters and rashes disappear. It might take a few days for it to get better but that certainly doesn’t mean that it should be taken lightly.

Other possible implications :

There might be a few cases in which the infection might spread to the brain which could lead to neurological complications. But the chances of that happening are very slim.

It is only possible when the patient’s blood pressure is not leveled and he/she has been constantly vomiting.

What do doctors suggest?

treatment for foot and mouth disease

The doctors recommend the application of cream and lotions on ulcers and boils. Additionally, they promote hand hygiene which can lower the possibility of getting infected.

In Conclusion:

It is a matter of serious concern that an epidemic disease is slowly spreading in the city. And, instead of joining with the helping hands, the state surveillance unit seems to be in a state of denial. We sure hope that it does not disperse like wildfire and eventually gets out of control in coming months.

After all, if the disease is airborne, no one exactly knows how far it can proliferate, right?

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