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Where’s The Ram-Raj? Yogi Govt. Is Busy Acing Fake Encounters While Another Indian Daughter Dies After Being Gang-Raped

In one horrific news that should be a tight slap on the face of the Yogi government in UP, the 19-year-old Dalit girl who was gang-raped and almost killed by four men in Hathras two-weeks ago died at AIIMS Delhi today. The girl was shifted from AMU’s Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and Hospital to AIIMS after she was found in brutal condition in Hathras.

This, for the unknown, is one of the many rape incidents that happen occurred in UP post lockdown as the state continues to be a hell-spot for women in India.

It pains to even write how this woman was treated. Hathras Superintendent of Police, Vikrant Vir, while talking to the media shared that when the girl was found, her tongue had a serious cut as she bit it while the accused attempted to strangulate her.

While all the four accused have been arrested but what’s the use when it doesn’t send a thought of deterrence among these rapists and murderers? What’s the use when an innocent life is lost yet again? All that happens post such heinous crime is the suspension of a police officer, two or three days of pouring condolence, stretched court cases and THE END. On the fouth day, all is forgotten. And women continue to live amidst the fear of getting raped in a society that is so vocal about their empowerment.

Despite all the recent incidents less to no steps are taken to boost the safety of women in UP. Oh, but how would they? The government is so busy with filing PILs to remove Mosques, using NSA whenever they please, reek-off authoritarianism, garnering votes by constructing temples and nailing fake encounters so it’s own plagued deeds don’t become public.

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Only yesterday, UP police yet again met with a road accident. Happens to be UP Police meets with accidents more than an immature driver ever would. Nevertheless in this accident, a gangster named Feroz Ali, a resident of Bahraich in Uttar Pradesh, reportedly died. Does it strike a chord? Well yes, the incident share similarities with the Vikas Dubey’s case.

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Despite the fact that such encounters are unlawful, one cares less about them. But what we care about is the safety of women in a world that promises actions to empower them. A country that has a constitution that promises women dignity and right to life.

But in UP, is empowering women only limited to broad daylight? Oh, my bad. In UP, women get gang-raped in broad daylight too.

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