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Have You Ever Seen A Fish Tornado Under Sea? Watch Here

A video is going viral over Instagram in which a shoal (group of fish) formed an underwater tornado structure in sync. The location where the video was filmed is unknown but there lots of different coloured and species of fishes can be seen together moving in a coordinated manner, which is called Schooling. Underwater creatures are generally known for their unique, distinct and mesmerising abilities and this video is just another evidence of it.

Have You Ever Seen A Fish Tornado Under Sea

Fish Tornado Underwater


On July 7, the video was uploaded on Instagram, by Tatsuro of Japan, who claims to be a marine photographer. The video uploaded by him has garnered over 3.6 m views and 2.4 lakh likes. On his Instagram profile you can enjoy watching his massive and mesmerising collection of underwater photography.

In the video, you will see the small fries fishes swimming or more like just floating in a clockwise manner coordinating to form a vortex just like a tornado moves.

Of course the comment section of the video was flooded with hilarious comments.

“”My God what a beautiful video. It’s wonderful. Thanks so much for this class of videos,” a user commented. Another one said, “Amazing”.

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