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Take These Health Test To Find Out How Healthy You Are

Nowadays everyone is conscious about their health. Aware of all the different medical conditions, people are trying their best to stay healthy. From eating less oily food to working out every day, everyone is trying to make sure their healthy life.

If you are someone who always pays attention to what they eat and drink just to make sure their better health. You must wonder how healthy you are. Although, there is no specific test that you can give to find out how healthy you are.

But according to scientists, there are few daily activities, if one person can perform these activities with ease means they are living a healthy life. Do you want to predict how healthy you are? Try these activities and find out if you are healthy or not.

1. Balancing on one leg

Health Test

Sounds easy right? But if you can easily balance yourself on one leg, means your brain is healthy. Try to stand on one leg and count the seconds. If you can balance your entire weight on one leg for 60 or more seconds. Means you pass the test and have a pretty healthy brain.

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According to a Japanese study, 30 per cent of older adults who could not perform the health test properly had microbleeds in their brain. This micro bleeding can cause bigger and more severe brain-related issues in the future.

2. Try sitting on a chair

health test

If you standing on one leg is not your thing, try sitting on chair test. Sit on your chair and then stand. Continue sitting and standing for 10 times repeatedly. Note the time it took you to complete the test.

If you can complete the test before 21 seconds, means you can live longer than others. According to a study performed in the UK, this test challenges your lower-body muscle strength, balance and coordination, cardio and respiratory fitness. If you can complete this test, you are pretty healthy.

3. Try touching your toes

health test

Start with sitting on the floor with your lest stretched straight and try to touch your toes. It’s a simple stretching exercise that is used by people in gyms, yoga class and dance academy. If you are unable to perform this test, you are having a higher risk of catching more cardiovascular problems.

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According to a study performed at the University of North Texas, flexible body indicates flexible arteries. Unhealthy and inactive lifestyles make your arteries stiff which makes your heart do extra work to pump blood. That exposes you to the risk of heart diseases.

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In Conclusion

These are the simplest health test that can help you find out how healthy you are without making a visit to the doctor. Hope you are able to perform all the test with ease. But in case you don’t, just start working hard from now. Start eating healthy and do some exercise.

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