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These Are The 6 Easy Ways That Will Help To Keep A Healthy Heart

People from all over the world are suffering from various heart conditions. The busy lives of people, full of stress and unhealthy living habits have given it a boost and now it has become a global issue.

If you are suffering from heart disease you must know how important it is for you to eat healthily, do exercise and try to follow a healthy routine to make sure you condition won’t get severe, so that you can lie a long life.

But this can get tricky sometimes and you might not be able to work out every day. Don’t worry here are the 6 simple ways that will help you to keep your heart healthy.

1. Cuddle

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Yes, the one that you like to do with your partner in bed. Apparently cuddling helps to decrease the chance of getting a heart attack. There are researches that show cuddling with your loved one releases a chemical inside your body called oxytocin.

It is a stress-releasing hormone that helps to reduce blood pressure and also reduces the chance of getting a heart attack.

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2. Laugh

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Laughter is the best medicine, this is something that we all have heard but rarely apply into our daily lives. According to science, laughing expands blood vessels by 22 percent that will help with the increased blood flow and decreased blood pressure.

If you want to boost the blood flow and keep your heart healthy, just laugh.

3. This is the reason to own a pet

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You always wanted to have a pet, but first, your mom didn’t allow it and now you think you are not prepared for the responsibilities of a pet owner. But if you own a pet you are less likely to get suffered from a heart condition. Also, you will be stress-free.

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The reason behind this is that the people who own a pet do more physical activities than those who don’t own a pet.

4. Go meatless

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At least once a week, try and go green don’t eat any meat and try to stick to all veggies. In a study from the University of Oxford, it shows that people who don’t eat meat (like me) reduces heart disease risk by 32 percent. Eating a lot of greens will any which ways be beneficial for you.

I know you don’t even want to consider this option but seriously try it and you’ll know why everyone is turning to vegan.

5. Stand-up

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There are already several articles on this website that talks about why you should not sit for a long period of time. But most of us still like to sit on our office chair or on a couch for the better part of the day. This significantly increases the risk of getting a heart attack.

Take short breaks every now and then, stand up and stretch your body to make sure you won’t suffer a heart attack.

6. Sleep

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Your sleep pattern and the quality of your sleep affects your heart condition. People who sleep for six or less than six hours increase their risk of getting a heart attack by 27 percent. Not just this but oversleeping also induce the condition of heart diseases.

But it’ll be better if you try and take at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. It will keep your heart healthy.

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In Conclusion:

Don’t you think these are the simplest things that you can do to keep your heart healthy? I’m not asking you to go to the gym every day or eat salad. All I want you to do is enjoy your life, own a pet, laugh more with your friend and cuddle your partner. This is not too much to ask, especially when the rewards are a long life.

Make sure to remember these 6 healthy tips to keep your heart healthy.

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