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Got Munchies?? Switch To These Tasty Yet Healthy Junk Food Alternatives

A long day at office combined with a tremendous work pressure just sucks out the last ounce of energy that you have. Yes….we all have been there when we get those ‘Munchies’!

But have you ever wondered what do you stuff your stomach with, when you are under a Hunger-attack?

We usually resort to some easy options(Maggie). But there are many other alternatives which will give you the same high. And which is why these following alternative snacks are a better option to conquer that tummy roar-

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Maggie or a hot plate of Masala Oats

healthy junk food alternatives

Who doesn’t love Maggie? Everyone does. And a steaming bowl of Maggie does wonders on your hungry stomach – no doubt about it. But as a matter of fact, you know why it isn’t a healthy choice. It contains refined flour which is harmful and might result in stomach infections. Go for a masala oats instead. It will not only fill you up for good, but also give you more or less the same tangy taste you were looking forward to. Go Oats!

Chocolate love? Be sensible and pick that Protein bar!

healthy junk food alternatives

The love for chocolates can never die-true. But eating lots can jeopardize your health and cause oral problems. Instead, choose a protein bar to satisfy your hunger when you feel like munching. Not only this will satiate your cravings but also turn out to be a much healthier option in comparison to that chocolate bar! And you won’t end up eating lots of them because just one bar will full you up.

Wanna sip on a Cold drink? Trust me…. Fruit Smoothies are much better!

healthy junk food alternatives

Grabbing a can of cold drink might seem an easier option when hunger strikes. And it very well might put a stop on your cravings for a couple of minutes- but it certainly won’t fulfill the required need. So why not go for a smoothie. It can incorporate any fruit, raisins and even nuts of your choice.  Go crazy and still stay healthy!

BAKED is the new fried!

healthy junk food alternatives

Just put down that packet of fried potato chips and let it stay there. If you are sane enough, you know the reason why everyone is after ‘baked’ goods nowadays. And it’s not a hype. Baked chips are way less oily and healthier in comparison to any regular chips. Use healthy dips and enjoy the baked goods without any tension.

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Mixture or Bhujia? A healthy bowl of Sprouts is what you really need!

healthy junk food alternatives

Undoubtedly, a packet of aloo bhujiya can place a full-stop on your sudden urge to eat, but what if there is a better option? After all, you already know how unhealthy and fatty these mixtures can be. So, let me help you with an alternative for this too.

How about a bowl of sprouts with finely diced tomatoes, onion and a dash of lime juice? Doctor’s would anytime swear by sprouts and its natural health benefits. Still, need more reasons to quit that namkeen?

Choco cookies are yum….but Digestive Choco biscuits are way better!

healthy junk food alternatives

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t stop at one cookie, can you? But the point is, this doesn’t work well as a snack.

Switch to digestive biscuits and feel fuller. The best part of this digestive biscuits is that they have multigrain and nuts in them. Feel healthy and cure that hunger simultaneously.

A burger is yummy, BUT a peanut butter sandwich is healthier!

healthy junk food alternatives

Without hesitation, 90% of you order a burger when you feel like munching on something.

What if I tell you that, there is a better alternative which is much healthier? Oh yeah- I am talking about that PNB sandwich (yummy). Just take any bread and spread peanut butter along with cheese spread. Toss it on heat and let the flavors mix with each other. And as simple as that – your heavenly goodness is ready for you to munch on.

M& M’s Or….. How about a handful of Nuts?

healthy junk food alternatives

M&M’s might sound delicious- but deep down you know, why it isn’t the right snack each time hunger strikes. On the other hand, you have the option to grab a handful of nuts. Filled with heavenly goodness and great taste, these nuts can very well serve for your hunger needs and give you energy. No kidding! Be it walnut, cashew, almonds, raisins- take your pick. And the best part- you can go nuts with NUTS.

Now you know what to do when “Hunger Strikes”….don’t you? If you still have any concerns, do share with us in the comments and we will respond.

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