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A Complete Guide : Real Ways You Can Help Your Single Friend Get Love Struck

Do you have a friend who is single?

I bet most of you would have at least one friend, who has managed to stay single. Though, it doesn’t mean that they are terrible people with psychotic issues that have stopped anyone from getting into a relationship with them.

But still, they are SINGLE. And just because you know how amazing they are as a person, you want them to be happy and in LOVE. But then, you really don’t know how to help them. Don’t worry, I have the exact guide that will tell you what to do and what not to do when you are trying to set up your friend with someone.

The first step

Start by making a checklist of positive and negative things you find in your friend. Analyze the kind of person they will be happy with. But, before playing the matchmaker, make sure that your friend is ok with it.

Otherwise, it will all be for naught. You just need to have patience and follow the guide to see your friend settle down.

1. Don’t bombard them with relationship advice

help single friend get love

Yes, it might sound contradictory, but you don’t need to hand hold your friend to the path of love. Everyone’s way is different. When it comes to love, you can sure as hell offer your perspective but giving the same old, ‘ You’ll be fine’, ‘Someday you will have love’ etc, isn’t going to do them any good.

What you can do is hear them out. Try to learn what they feel and think about love. Also, give them suggestions only when they directly ask you for it. Once you know their mindset towards relationships and what they are looking for, only then you can truly start searching for their soulmate.

Also, make them aware of the idea that you are on a lookout for their future prospects. ( and are planning to send them on a date.)

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2.  Send them on a date with someone you know

help single friend get love

Alright, it might sound like a whole lot of task, but it isn’t. You must know someone in your extended family or friends or relatives or even a friend of a friend who is amazing. And SINGLE. All you need to do is fix a date. Ask your friend yo causally meet up the person you suggested and see how they feel. Don’t be pushy.

Also, never ever choose a shady place to set up a meeting. Go for a place which is well -lit and arranged around lunch time. This will allow both of them to be comfortable in their own skin and not worry about time or safety or the dark.

Psst…just make sure that the person you are sending them with isn’t a stalker, criminal, drug addict or (murderer) types.

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3. If you get the feeling that something is wrong, speak it out

help single friend get love

Ok, you don’t need to go on a guilt trip of hooking your friend with someone, if things didn’t turn out as planned. It’s alright if they didn’t gel up. Moreover, if you see that your friend is not looking comfortable in this new hook-up, talk to them.

Most of the times friends end up keeping things to oneself in new relationships because they don’t want to hurt the person who has set them up. They think that the friendship will ruin and so it’s better to just stay mum. Never ever do that.

If you see a red flag, make sure to talk it out with your friend. Also, ask your friend to be honest and let you know if they dislike the hookup.

4. Don’t let them stoop low for love

help single friend get love

Being a friend, it is your job to make sure your buddy doesn’t stoop low when it comes to love. Most of the people end up doing things in the name of love, they would never have. This isn’t a good thing. You need to guide your friend to maintain self- love, and care above all.

Though, a relationship requires commitment it surely doesn’t mean that you don’t prioritize your needs. Make sure your friend gives time to oneself. being too involved in a relationship will not do any good for them.

Be their guardian angel and tell them to carry their dignity above all.

5. Give them positive vibes

positive vibes

Some friend groups always taunt the single on in their group. Though it’s mostly on funny lines you never know how the other person is really feeling. If you are a part of the group, ask your friends to not single out on the lone wolf.

Send them positive vibes and encourage them. especially if they come up negative self-talk like, ‘ Something is wrong with me’, “I can never find love’. Tell them that they don’t have to be sad for who they are and there is a perfect match waiting to be found.

Ask them to hang around with you in public places. Who knows, they might run into someone cute.

6. Tell them to step out and close dating apps

stop using phone love app

For some, dating apps might work like a miracle, but for most folks, it’s a horror movie. There have been several cases of fake profiles, stalkers being reported on dating apps. So, why are you still encouraging your friend to swipe right and left on tinder?

Just ask them to stop and go out. Hang out with them at places like a cool cafe or a bar. Instead of blocking out the attention of people around, tell them to smile in return. Ask them to be more social and open to people.

This way they will eventually become open to the outer world and will acquire the confidence to spark up a conversation on their own.

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7. You can be their wingman


You can absolutely be their cupid and guide them to love they have found someone worthy to gel with. But, there is a lot of work to be done before that. You need to ensure your mate is comfortable with handling situations.

Because there is no way on earth that you will be escorting your single friend everywhere, right? Motivate them and ask them to open up a nit. Once they feel free from the burden that they aren’t damaged and there is nothing wrong with them, they will eventually find love.

All you need to do is be their wingman and drive them around to the possible place where they can find love.

In Conclusion:

Follow this guide to allow your single friend to find love. Make sure they are comfortable with the idea of you finding or helping them find love. Who knows, this year you might get to see them getting married as they say marriages are made in heaven. Maybe, you can become their matchmaker on earth.

On that note, hope you guide your single friend to their soulmates!

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