Ending All Your Confusion, Here’s Everything You Need To Know About What Different Lines On Your Palm Mean

I have never been into palm reading and stuff but as someone who has grown up in a family that goes by the 90s way of living, I have seen people curious about being aware of what rests in their future. And one of the many ways to know that has always been palm reading.

While many people don’t believe in palmistry, but as per a research, palm reading is a real thing, which helps you understand about one’s physical and mental state and well being.

Source – Astral Coach Blog

The research says that “the human hand does show evidence of the person’s health, cleanliness, and occupational and nervous habits (e.g., as evidenced by calluses or nail-biting).”

Now that we have return evidence, so knowing this and that about palm reading could be beneficial. And to make it more authentic, this story would entail some facts about palm reading shared by palm reading expert Helene Saucedo.

So here is what the expert shared about palm reading with Well and Good:

There are basically four lines on your hands that speak about various qualities you entail. These are:

Heart Line – is known for indicating your emotional state.

Head Line – indicates your mentality.

Life Line – the line indicates vitality, which is the state of being strong and active.

Line of Stability – indicates how you will feel about the life you create for yourself.

The Curves

The expert goes on to add that the curviness of the palm lines denote how flexible you are with a particular thing.

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For example, if the heart line is curvy instead of straight, it shows that you are someone with an open and emotional nature. But if it is more of a straight line, it means you like keeping your emotions to yourself.

Moreover, a very curved head line denotes creativity, while a straight head line is of someone who is very rational and likes logistics, says Saucedo. Also, your lifeline has nothing to do with your lifespan but rather how good you feel about your life.

Depth Matters

Moreover, the depth and darkness of your palm lines also denote a lot of things. As per the expert, the deeper and darker your palm lines are, the more stable that part of you is.

An example would be a person with a light heart line means they are more sensitive. But someone with a darker heartline enjoys more control over his/her emotions.

The shape of your hands Speaks too.

Lastly, the shape of our hands also has much to say. Hand shapes are differentiated by four elements and each of them has its own characteristics.

Here are the four elements and their corresponding hand physicality:
  • Earth: Broad, square palm and short fingers
  • Water: Long or oval palm and long fingers
  • Fire: Long palm and short fingers
  • Air: Square palm and long fingers

The one’s hand with the earth as the element is a grounded and practical person. The water element entails characteristics like sensitivity. Someone with fire as the element is restless and anxious while air hand is adaptable and intellectual

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