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Here Is How ‘Domino’s’ Is Delivering ‘Hygenic And Safe’ Food Amidst Coronavirus Scare

As the ‘Coronavirus’ fear has given the world a ‘jolt’ misconception and myths have made ways for themselves. The myth that eating non-veg like “Chicken”, “Eggs” etc can cause coronavirus has already being doing the rounds.

Dominos Pizza

Amidst these myths is the one about “ordering food” from outside. The fear that eating foods like Pizza, burger, sandwiches etc can spread the virus have been hitting the industry hard. Giving this myths a break popular fast food brand ‘Domino’s has stepped in. Domino’s is ensuring that amidst the atmosphere of fear high “standards” of “hygiene” and safety are ensured.

Here is how the popular brand is delivering food keeping alive the “customer first” approach amidst the scare:

  • Domino’s is conducting a daily temperature scan of all its employees. Those whose temperature exceeds normal are requested to go home and take rest.
  • The sanitation protocol of the World Health Organization like the ’20 second-hand wash’ have been strictly put in place for all employees. The customers at outlets are also encouraged for the same.
  • Domino’s has taken the practice to ‘sanitize’ its outlets every 4 hours. The fast-food brand is sanitizing customer areas, in the kitchen and the storage sections thoroughly with the disinfectants.
  • Further, the pizza boxes on the bikes and the hot pizza delivery bags along with the motorbikes themselves are being sanitized from time to time.

Apart from these measures the brand has asked its riders to wear “masks” as a precautionary measure. The front desk staff and the back office staff are also advised to get the masks on. Domino has been following a stringent medical check-up policy for its employees before joining (and after joining as well) and these days it has beefed up the policy.

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Thus, amidst the environment of myth and suspicion “Domino’s” is making sure you have your favorite food with any fear. So, when are you ordering your “double cheesy” extra-large Pizza? Amidst the atmosphere of suspicion and fear due to coronavirus popular fast-food brand, Domino’s is ensuring safety and hygiene.

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