Want To Stay At World’s First Gold-Plated Hotel? Here’s How Much You Will Have To Pay

With pandemic restrictions easing out, countries are opening up for, if not international tourists, but surely for national tourists. This might inspire many to travel as it has been a while since we are all locked in the safety of our homes. And if vacation is on your mind, then may we suggest this hotel? It’s the world’s first gold-plated hotel.

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The world’s first gold plated hotel has now been opened in Vietnam. The hotel built at a cost of whopping $200 million entertains 24-carat plating across lobbies, an infinity pool and rooms with even cutlery, cups, showerheads and toilet seats receiving the golden treatment.

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A night stay at the hotel would cost anyone as much as $250 per night (Rs 19,000). And is perfect for anyone who wants to spend some time of pure luxury. The makers of the hotel, Hoa Binh Group, say that they want “ordinary people to the super-rich… to check-in”.

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Not just that, the owners of the hotel claim that the meals served at the hotel, in Downtown Hanoi, will carry a mysterious gold substance.
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“When I arrived here… I felt like a king, you know, the Pharaoh… the king of Egypt,” joked Phillip Park, a South Korean guest.

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Vietnam has been able to contain the spread of the virus due to swift lockdown measures. Thus there was no delay in the opening of the hotel after travel resumed in the country after 3 months of lockdown. Vietnam has only 350 COVID-19 cases and no people have lost their life to coronavirus to this day.

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“It has changed my mind about what luxury can be. Other luxury hotels usually use marble as tiles, but here everything is gold-plated down to the washing basin,” said 62-year-old guest Luong Van Thuan, himself a hotel owner.

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