From Flying Taxi To Foldable PC, Here’re The Best Of Tech From CES 2020

The curtains on world-renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 drops today and like every year, it was one of a kind. The event in Las Vegas delivered both startups and established companies a stage to display the best of their home-nurtured tech, concepts and products. And surely, they didn’t disappoint.

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From smart adult toys to foldable laptops, there was so much on the plate for all the techoholics out there. So reliving the 2020 CES once and for all, here’re the best of tech from CES 2020.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite and S10 Lite.

Like many other firms, Samsung also used the CES stage to unveil several new devices including the Galaxy Note 10 Lite and S10 Lite. The two devices don’t have a release date and price tag yet but are expected to be released at a price lesser than its more-expensive counterparts S10 and S10 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite and S10 Lite CES 2020
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Even though the phones miss some major features that S10 and S10 entertain, but it does come with new features like newer optical stabilization tech.

2. CES 2020 Lenovo unveils 5G enabled Laptop.

5G technology in smartphones is obvious to arrive but what about laptops? At CES 2020 Lenovo showcased the world’s first 5G enabled laptop named Lenovo Yoga 5G. The product, Lenovo says, has been designed to deliver high-speed internet capabilities at reduced latency.

Lenovo 5g Laptop at CES

3. Samsung Sero TV that rotates when you rotate your phone.

Samsung, besides phones, also showcased a revolutionary TV at CES. The QLED 4K TV named Sero connects to your phone and then adjusts itself as per the orientation of the phone. The TV has a motor attached that literally rotates if you turn your phone from portrait orientation to vertical.

Samsung Sero TV
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4. OnePlus’s Concept One smartphone with disappearing cameras.

OnePlus, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, had unveiled its Concept One smartphone with a very amazing disappearing camera feature. The phone disappearing camera takes inspiration from McLaren’s 720S Spider luxury sports car sunroof tech, which can make the rear camera both invisible and visible to the human eye.

best of CES 2020
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5. Samsung’s artificial humans that look like real humans.

Based on a technology called NEON, Samsung’s lab at CES 2020 showcased AI-powered “artificial humans,” that it claims can “converse and sympathize” like real people. Star labs say that digital beings can appear on displays or video games and could be designed to be TV anchors, spokespeople, or movie actors or simply companions and friends.

Samsung artificial humans CES
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6. Lenovo’s foldable PC is here. No kidding.

Lenovo taking PC tech to another level unveiled a foldable PC named ThinkPad X1. The device when unfolded looks like a tablet, a quasi-laptop when half-folded and a leather folio when completely folded. The X1 pushes support for stylus pen and runs on “clever mode-switching software” that lets apps adapt to the alien interface.

Thinkpad X1
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7. Hyundai unveiled Hyundai-Uber flying air taxi.

At CES 2020, Uber and Hyundai collaborated to showcase an electric air taxi, which looks more like a helicopter. Although Uber and Hyundai are far away from inventing something like this, the concept looks alluring.

 Hyundai-Uber flying air taxi
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8. Samsung’s The Wall MicroLED TV that is huge and beautiful.

The Wall is as it sounds, huge. And thus can deliver a theatre-like experience from the comfort of home. The luxury TV can be customised in a variety of sizes from 72 inches in 2K to 292 inches in 8K.

 The Wall MicroLED TV CES 2020

9. Samsung’s Ballie, a combination of robot and smart home device.

The Samsung Ballie is a ball-shaped gadget that combines the capabilities of a smart home device and a robot. The gadget can take photos, pairs with gadgets and can even function as a fitness assistant. 

Samsung Ballie
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10. Segway S-Pod so you can roam around on your chair.

Segway’s S-Pod is a two-wheel balancing car driven by a joystick and not your body. The same can hit the speed of 24 miles per hour and comes tucked with security features like automatic braking on turns and exterior lights that double as turn signals.

Segway S-Pod best of CES
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11. Sony Vision-S electric car.

Sony Vision S is an electric car that combines the likes of the best elements of sony. The car comes equipped with expertise in imaging, displays, audio, features like 5G connectivity, passenger monitoring, assistive driving capabilities and more.

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