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Here’s How To Overcome Depression On An Individual Basis

Depression is a real illness. An illness which if not attended could prompt mental health issues yearning one to take desperate steps including giving up on life.

When Deepika Padukone, back in 2015 shared her struggles with depression, she gave the world a glimpse of the extent of depression and its ability to tatter even one of the most successful and sought after humans on the planet.

Humanly, when celebrities come out to share their experience with mental issues, the most obvious reaction from the people is – What they are depressed about? They probably have everything one could dream of. What else do they crave? And here’s where people miss judge depression.

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Depression is a disorder that is evidenced by excessive sadness, loss of interest in enjoyable things, and lack of motivation. It is normal to feel sad about something or someone, but prolonged sadness is a sign of depression and stress and a calling that one needs to do something about it. However, “do what?” remains the big question.

Unlike, hitting the gym, depression is not something you can not get over with hard work. It needs to come from within because happiness is an Inside job. Thus, it is necessary to understand how to overcome depression on an individual basis.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Differentiate Between Sadness And Depression


Sadness and Depression are two entirely different things. While sadness is a human emotion that a person experiences at various points in their life, depression is a mental disorder. Sadness is something you will eventually get over after some time; however, prolonged sadness is a warning that you are depressed.

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Learning to distinguish between sadness and depression is the key to overcoming depression. To differentiate, watch out for physical and psychological changes within you like loss in interest or appetite or loss in energy. These changes mean you are more than just sad.

2. Try To Decode The Problem

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Decoding the problem entails trying to understand if the reasons behind your woes are situational or long-lasting. Situational problems can be dealt with by giving oneself some alone time or relaxing with friends. On the other hand, long-lasting problems like lack of confidence or stress are reasons that spew negative thoughts leading to depression.

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Decoding the problem may make you think more about it, but it is necessary. Mulling the problem will help you understand what you could do to plunge it. Once you have a clear picture of what makes you vulnerable, the choices you would make will be more mindful.

3. Hangout With Children


While adults have their own set of problems they try to deal with, children, on the other hand, are a powerhouse spewing joy. These happy few are the best company you can have if depressed or even sad. So if you have children in your vicinity, try to spend time with them.

Learn from them. Notice what makes them happy. You will see that the little things in life do. The ones that you don’t mind giving attention to because you are too occupied. Retrace the reasons that make them happy. Is it playing around? Talking? Sleeping? Now try these for yourself you will notice a mood upliftment.

4. Make Yourself Proud


Doing well in life – emotionally, mentally or physically – is directly linked with happiness. On the toughest days, you might not feel like leaving the bed, but entertaining such an attitude will only pile your worries. You are depressed because of a reason and to overcome depression and anxiety, you need a reason.

Try things in life, make errands, learn new things, workout, give yourself a daily dose of sunlight or hone your professional skills. These are baby steps that will make you feel confident about yourselves. You will find reasons to exist. And in a snap, you would find yourself one step closer to bidding adieu to depression.

5. Let The Future Be


Mulling too much about the future is as harmful as thinking too much about the past. Both unneeded-exercises drain your energy and leave you only with perceptions and regret, spooking depression and fear.  The certainties and uncertainties that you would bump into in the future are the results of what you do today.

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Hence, one must focus on today, the “present”. When you learn to intentionally redirect your mind to what is happening at the moment, you increase your mental energy reserves and can spend more time on enjoyable tasks.

6. Eat Because Food


Eating has a direct impact on your health and the way you feel. Enticing food served in front of you has the capability to uplift your mood and make you rethink life – just for the sake of food.

Skipping meals come naturally to people who are depressed. However, a reduced intake of food can adversely affect your brain and mood, such as caffeine, alcohol, trans fats, and foods with high levels of chemical preservatives or hormones.

To Conclude

Depression is common but not something one cannot deal with. Think baby steps, smile at strangers and try your best to overcome depression naturally. It is a long process but worth the time.

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